Predator fans love Amber Midthunder’s Comanche warrior performance in Prey Movie – Pursue News

the prey movie has successfully redeemed the Predator franchise to its glory days and Amber Midthunder‘s performance as Naru, the striving Comanche hunter facing off Yautja, the extraterrestrial Predator has been the highlight of many acclaimed responses on social media. The movie directed by Dan Trachtenberg has already critically outscored the 1987 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The verdict for the Prey movie was out early on after its world premiere at SDCC 2022, even earning a standing ovation. Still, any hesitation among moviegoers, especially within Predator aficionados was cast away after learning the 10 Cloverfield Lane helmer has taken the franchise in a new and faithful direction whilst keeping it R-rated.

While viewers seem more than satisfied with the film’s 1719 setting and the brutal Predator kill sequences along with the chilling background score, many are attributing the success to Midthunder’s portrayal as a young hunter fighting her tribe’s sexist point of view, a Native Mexican actress herself playing as a Comanche warrior – the lead of the movie. There are already talks for a sequel among fans, hopefully in the same direction. Readers can check out reactions below with even Midthunder responding to a few of the praises, some even from Hollywood stars like Mark Ruffalo. Also, few pointed out the actor’s role in FX’s Legion series which also earned her applause. In addition, there’s already a growing campaign to see the star get another chance at a superhero franchise, perhaps a grown-up X-23 for MCU maybe? (Take the hint, Kevin Feige).

The Prey movie takes away the modern tactical weaponry that easily outclasses humans against a Predator. In fact, director Trachtenberg confirmed the removal of Predator’s Plasma Caster, a Gatling gun of sorts capable of taking out multiple targets. Stating “it just felt like such an instant win button.”

The action-thriller Prey movie from Hulu continues to earn massive praises as the film rolls out on streaming services such as Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia. But the biggest disappointment for Prey fans is the lack of a theatrical push. On the brighter side, Prey is available to watch in the Comanche dub too, as producer Jhane Myers revealed that the script was first penned in the Native American tribe’s Numic language.

Prey movie also stars Dane DiLiegro playing the Predator in costume, Dakota Beavers, Michelle Thrush, Stormee Kipp and Julian Black Antelopethe movie is currently available to stream on Hulu and select Disney+ services.

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