Powerful Anime That Deal With Grief & Loss

Anime is a medium of entertainment with many facets. A fan can search all types of genres in an endless sea of anime titles to find exactly what they’re looking for. Some of the best anime are those that leave an impression past the fleeting enjoyment of a well-animated fight scene: a raw, emotional cut that remains with fans all their lives is more significant than pandering fan service.

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Many anime strike the heart cords of fans and dive into serious issues that bestow powerful lifelong lessons on their viewers. Anime that deal with Death, Loss, grief, and even reconciliation make a stronger impact than their light-hearted peers. Here are some of the most powerful anime that deal with grief and loss.


7 Your Lie In April

Your lie in April is a masterful tale that was woven together seamlessly with art and music. The story follows two kindred spirits who, together, would go on a journey of lies, grief, and healing. Kosei Arima was once a young pianist prodigy, but the loss of his mother left a traumatic weight that made him unable to play or even look at a piano again.

After an excessive amount of time retreating into himself, an encounter with Kaori Miyazono would change Arima’s life forever. The weight of trauma and abuse is not something that can be let go of. One can only become strong enough to carry it without issue, and Your Lie in April drives this point home beautifully.

6 Air

Air is a heartbreaking story that follows several strange accounts in a quaint town by the ocean. From a young age, Yukito was fascinated by the tale of “the girl in the sky,” which was told to him by his mother. Ever since hearing it, he has devoted his life to finding the girl, which is a tradition in his family.

Having wound up in a strange town, Yukito eventually befriends a young girl and her mother, which begins his journey in learning about the people of the town and becoming invested in their everyday lives. While the search for the girl in the sky is still prevalent in Yukito’s mind, he finds it difficult to hold onto the things he has already found right in front of him. Air takes viewers on a memorable ride that ends in an unsuspected way sure to surprise.

5 Angel Beats!

Angel Beats is a popular and highly praised series that has obtained a cult following since its initial release. Angel Beats takes place in the afterlife, where several teens who have passed on must overcome their own trauma to move on and be at peace.

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While a whimsical and light-hearted series on the surface, Angel Beats has tear-jerking moments that will leave viewers clutching their chest and holding back the waterworks. Looking inside one’s self and picking at the scabs of past wounds is no easy task, but it is often for the best to heal and move on. This is the lesson that Angel Beats teaches, as viewers explore each character’s path to healing.

4 The Flower We Saw That Day

When visited by the ghost of his childhood friend, Jinta Yadomi ponders if he’s losing his mind. Meiko Hanma insists that she is real, however, and that he must keep the promise that he made her. Once a part of a friendship group called Super Peace Busters, Jinta and the others from his childhood have fallen apart and had not spoken in years.

Nevertheless, Jinta must fulfill Meiko’s wish and sets out to reconnect with his friends after living a life of mediocrity. Anohana pushes to the surface the things that many leave unsaid, these regrets turn into shackles, and The Flowers We Saw That Day waves this fact in viewers’ faces in beautiful discomfort.

3 Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is an emotionally heavy tale that travels through numerous occurrences of love, grief, and how hard it can be to accept the truth. Violet was a child soldier, adopted by a kind high-ranking officer in the military. Years later, after the war ended, Violet found herself abandoned, now in the care of a man she never had met.

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Violet took up the profession of a transcriber whose responsibility was to put her client’s feelings into words. While carrying out her service, Violet encounters sweet and tragic tales of loss, love, and everything in between while trying to deal with her own trauma and accept that the man who gave her life is never coming back. Violet Evergarden is a brilliant description of the human condition and well worth the watch.

Full Metal Alchemist may be the best-written anime story of all time. The anime follows two brothers who have been through hell and back after the attempt to play god and bring their mother back to life with the power of alchemy. However, their taste of real power leaves them forever scarred physically, in addition to a mental lesson they will never forget.

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Edward, missing an arm, and Alphonse, missing his entire body, set out to become State Alchemists and return their bodies to normal. The entire Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood series explores the concept of loss in many different forms: loss due to war, sickness, murder, and time applies the same pain no matter what. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood does an excellent job of layering this behind the main story.

1 given

Of all of the musically-focused anime, given is perhaps one of the most heartfelt. Teen years are arguably the most precious in life as people grow and learn about the world. Love, heartbreak, and loss are lessons that must be learned even though they can be harmful events.

given explores the risk of speaking before thinking and the harsh climate of emotions that comes from surviving self-harm and dealing with negative emotions. ultimately, given is the story of a young man who loses his lover to suicide and how he finds an outlet through music.

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