Pollyanna McIntosh trilogy of horror movies worth the watch!

Pollyanna McIntosh is known in The Walking Dead universe for the portal of Anne/Jadis. This character has seen dramatic changes during her time on the main series and then again as a crossover character to the spinoff The Walking Dead: World Beyond. McIntosh’s talent is evident in her ability to carry off the drastic changes in this character’s personality.

McIntosh has been performing since a young age which began at The Edinburg Festival, and by age 16, she moved to London and became involved in independent films and theater as an actress and director. A move to Los Angeles would see her directing a production of The Wool Gatherer.

Her first US movie role was in the 2005 movie Headspace with Sean Young and Christopher Denham. Other roles she is known for include Lodge 49, Hap and Leonard, MI High, Bob Servant Independent and Burke and Hare.

Pollyanna McIntosh as The Woman

McIntosh has portrayed a feral character known only as The Woman in three films, Offspring, The Woman and Darlin’.

Offspring is the first film of the series, directed by Andrew van den Houten, based on the novel by Jack Ketchum. The story follows a feral flesh-eating tribe who have terrorized the Northeast coast since 1858. Responsible for abductions and grisly murderers, the tribe set their sites on a family and their innocent infant daughter.

This film was distributed by Ghost House Underground, which Robert Tapert and Sam Raimi founded. This role saw McIntosh nominated for Best Actress at the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.

The Woman (2011) would see McIntosh reprise her role as the titular character and the film made waves at Sundance that year. She was awarded three Best Actress awards for her performance, including Total Film’s Frightfest Award and Fright Meter’s.

This film was adapted by Lucky McKee and Jack Ketchum, authors of the same-titled novel. McKee would also direct, and this would serve as the sequel to Offspring. This movie would see a country attorney try to “tame” the last member of the feral tribe, putting his family in jeopardy.

Darlin’ (2019) is a direct sequel to The Woman, written and directed by McIntosh, who also stars. This film is described as a “social issue horror film,” which follows the story of a feral child, Darlin’. She is dropped off by The Woman at a Catholic hospital and then transferred to the care of a Bishop who wants to transform her for his own gain.

This movie also stars Walking Dead actors Cooper Andrews, Thomas Francis Murphy and Sabrina Gennarino.

While the trilogy of films has its issues, overall, it is an excellent set of horror movies with enough gore to satisfy those in the market for those types of movies. Ferals and cannibals are always quite unsettling, and these films do them justice. While the movies are a bit uneven, they are aggressive and mixed with a strangeness that is quite fascinating.

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