Planets We Want To See In The TV Series

Thought the Halo franchise has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the last two decades, the Halo TV series probably stands out as being the most controversial. With mixed reviews and many fans expressing their disappointment at many of the creative choices, the future of this series appears to be pretty bleak.

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However, things can turn around for the better as the series still boasts iconic characters and rich lore. Should a second season be in the works, fans can hope to see familiar faces and locations as the TV series expands on the incredible worldbuilding and conflict between the UNSC, Covenant, and looming Flood threat. Courtesy of the franchise’s rich lore, multiple worlds are still available for the series to explore. These notable planets should be included in the next season.


4 Harvest

Where the Human-Covenant War first kicked off, Harvest is an outer colony world that ended up becoming the first planet to be glassed by the Covenant. Fun fact, Madrigal is the second planet that shares the same fate. Harvest was the battleground that molded a young SSgt. Johnson into the battle-hardened veteran players have come to know and love (as seen in the book Halo: Contact Harvest).

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Harvest was also the planet that the UNSC attempted to retake from the Covenant, as seen in the first hello wars. Although all of this takes place before the year 2552 (the penultimate year during the Human-Covenant War and where the series starts), Harvest is still a planet that holds a deep significance for the UNSC as the place that started it all.

3 Sigma Octanus IV

It’s a known fact that the Covenant typically dominates the UNSC in naval engagements due to its superior technology and numbers. The planet Sigma Octanus IV is a significant planet within the Halo universe as it develops Captain Jacob Keye’s character and demonstrated one of the few decisive naval victories in favor of the UNSC. Known as the Keyes Loop, a single destroyer under the command of Keyes managed to obliterate three out of four Covenant ships, prompting the final Covenant carrier vessel to withdraw. This act not only saw Keyes promoted and him assigned to the famous Pillar Of Autumn, but it also gave the navy a significant boost in morale.

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The Covenant eventually did come back in force and made it onto the surface where they would assault the famed city of Cote d’Azur, a coastal city known for its beaches and housing a Forerunner artifact (displayed within the museum). It was here that the Blue team under the command of none other than the Master Chief himself managed to retrieve a Forerunner artifact that ended up having the coordinates to Installation 04. Whilst the TV show does foreshadow the location of the ringworld, an eventual journey to the planet Sigma Octanus still provides a good backdrop for the Halo characters. Though the planet was eventually glassed by the Covenant, it managed to survive complete destruction.

2 Paris IV

A lot of key planets and locations seem to have the number 4 attached to them in the Halo universe, and Paris IV is no different. Whilst not much is known about the planet itself, the planet was a stage for one of the most intense ground engagements in the Human-Covenant War. Taking place in 2549, the Covenant besieged the planet and eventually glassed it.

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It was here that SSgt. Avery Johnson acquired an entire crate of plasma grenades during the planet’s defense and used it against the enemy, causing him to contract Boren’s Syndrome. This is the very same medical condition that led to the Flood unable to turn Johnson into a combat form during the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. Should the TV series wish to feature Johnson as a primary character in the future, a flashback of this event seems apt for his character development. It feels mandatory to see the Sergeant taking out multiple Covenant with a hand full of sticky plasma grenades.

1 Installation 04

The place where it all started. To not include this location would be a grave error as the ringworld itself is where the ultimate shift in the Human-Covenant War takes place. Though not officially a planet, the artificial ringworld is already a functioning ecosystem and world in itself. Featuring lush hills and forests, tropical islands, icy subterranean lairs, fetid swamps, and abandoned alien structures, Installation 04 has got it all and is what fans anticipate seeing should the series continue.

Other details can also include locations such as Alpha base (featured in the book Halo: The Flood) a covert base of operations established by the survivors of the Pillar Of Autumn, as well as Threshold, the gas giant near the ring that eventually served as a hideout for the Heretics that players had to defeat in halo 2.

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