Our Place Launched a Mini Version of Its Viral Always Pan

Bigger isn’t always better. Or, in this case, narrower is just as good. We’re talking about the new miniature version of the Our Place Always Pan.

Since its launch in 2019, the cookware brand has become something of an internet sensation. You’ve probably seen its original pan everywhere on social media, whether it’s scrolling through your Instagram feed or browsing your TikTok For You page. Now, the brand has quite literally shrunk its viral pan, and we’re expecting to see it everywhere.

The Mini Always Pan has all the bells and whistles of the original in a smaller package. Thanks to its unique design, it can replace your frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, and saucepan. It also comes with a beechwood spatula whose small hole aligns with the notch on the pan’s handle, creating a spoon rest.

Our Place

Buy It! Our Place Mini Always Pan in Sage, $115; fromourplace.com

The pan has a sturdy aluminum body that enables it to heat quickly and cook food evenly, and it’s lined with a nonstick, nontoxic ceramic coating. There are two pour spouts on either side to make draining excess liquid easier, along with a modular lid that can keep steam in or let it out.

With its more compact size, this pan is ideal for those living in small spaces. The mini pan is 8.5 inches in diameter and can hold 1.2 quarts, while the original measures 10 inches and fits about 2.6 quarts. It can also be a great companion to your larger pan, using the mini to make a side dish while your main entrée is cooking in the other one.

You may have also seen a few celebrities wielding the do-it-all pan in their kitchens. Cameron Diaz said she cooks with her Our Place Pan every single day, and Paris Hilton used her salmon-pink pan to make French toast for an episode of Cooking with Paris. Selena Gomez even partnered with the brand to launch exclusive colors inspired by her heritage.

The original pan is not only a celeb favorite, but also a customer-loved pick. Reviewers can’t stop raving about the original pan’s ability to do everything: One person said their other pans are now collecting dust after investing in one from Our Place, and another added that they were “breaking up with Teflon.” A third person noted that the pan “cleans up like a dream.”

Ahead of the launch, the brand offered to send me its famous pan and its newest miniature version, to which I immediately said yes. I’ve been using both for a little over a week — cooking everything from pan-fried Thai noodles to chicken fried rice to an eggs-and-sausage breakfast scramble — and absolutely nothing has stuck to it, making post-dinner cleanup a breeze . It was especially handy to have the mini for cooking smaller portions.

The Mini Always Pan is available now in six of the same beautiful colors as its older sister, like lavender, an earthy green, and a muted blue, and costs $115. You can also purchase the Always Pan duo for $210.

Scroll down to add the stovetop staple to your cart before it sells out!

Our Place

Buy It! Our Place Mini Always Pan in Lavender, $115; fromourplace.com

Our Place

Buy It! Our Place Mini Always Pan in Steam, $115; fromourplace.com

Our Place

Buy It! Our Place Mini Always Pan in Blue Salt, $115; fromourplace.com

Our Place

Buy It! Our Place Mini Always Pan in Spice, $115; fromourplace.com

Our Place

Buy It! Our Place Mini Always Pan in Char, $115; fromourplace.com

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