Orlando Baxter at South High — Stand-up comedy special from a stand-up guy

Comedian Orlando Baxter returned to South High to film a comedy special.

Orlando Baxter is a stand-up guy in a couple of meanings of the term.

Baxter the Worcester stand-up comedian returned to South High Community School (in its new Apricot Street building) on ​​March 19 to film a YouTube comedy special. Baxter was a student at South High and later taught there.

“Orlando Baxter: Live From South High” is both a loving tribute to the teachers and students who helped influence his life as well as a funny series of anecdotes about growing up and returning to be a teacher South High.

“This school really saved my life,” Baxter said. “It was the first time I was at a school where it felt the teachers cared about me as a person.”

“Orlando Baxter: Live From South High” (just over 55 minutes in length) is free on YouTube. The accompanying digital album “Laughs From South High” is available on most streaming platforms. There are links to both at orlandobaxter.com.

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