On the red carpet at the star-studded world premiere for movie shot in Flint

FLINT, MI – People living in Flint were the first in the world to see a horror movie shot in their city. The red carpet world premiere for “Half Dead Fred” took place at the Capitol Theater on Sunday, August 7 and many of the film’s biggest stars were in attendance.

“Half Dead Fred” stars Corin Nemec (“Supernatural,” “Stargate SG-1,” “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”), Jason London (“Dazed and Confused”), Tiffany Shepis (horror movie “Scream Queen”) , Jordan Christopher Michael (“Full House,” “Motorama”) and Heidi Schooler.

The film centers around Freddy Nash (Nemec), an alcoholic who was in a car crash which killed his 9-year-old son. Since the accident, Nash has become a medium detective, able to talk to the dead. Nash, who is from Los Angeles, comes to Flint to try and solve a murder.

“Flint needs this kind of positive event to happen around here,” Corin Nemec told MLive from the red carpet. “Everybody is very excited about it and the more that we can do locally here instead of trying to go, well, we made this movie in Flint, but we’re going to do this premiere in Hollywood, to me, that doesn’t make a lot of sense for the local community. It’s a very crowded house and that makes me very happy.”

Some of the movie was shot in LA with most of it filmed in Flint. Filming locations included various areas of downtown, inside Hoffman’s Deco Deli and Cafe on Saginaw Street, inside Tim & Paula’s Chilly’s on Davison Road and at the Red Roof Inn on Miller Road.

A large number of actors and behind the scenes crew were hired locally and those who were from out of state raved about their time filming here.

“It was my first time in Flint,” actor Jordan Christopher Michael told MLive from the red carpet. “I was delighted to get to work with a lot of locals who are passionate about their town. I think this is a neat place and photogenic spot. The city looks good on camera and I think people should turn their productions here because it has a unique look people are looking for that they may not think of.”

“I’ve never been to Flint. It was great and the crew was amazing,” added actress Heidi Schooler from the premiere. “We were shooting on location here and used people for cast and crew. Amazing technical photography guys. The footage looked so good. I feel really fortunate they included me because most of the stuff was from Michigan.”

The writer/director of the film, Bron Theron, is from California, but has been coming to Flint since 2017 involved with the Flint Public Art Project. That’s where he with Joe Schipani. His Victorian three-story house was used for the film and he also had a big part in the movie. Theron says he’s happy he was able to show the movie first in the place he shot it.

“It was super important to have this premiere in Flint because we made the movie here,” Theron told MLive on the red carpet. “I couldn’t call it a Flint movie unless we did the world premiere here, right?”

Now that the premiere has happened, it’s not known yet if and when the film will play in theaters or on a streaming service or go straight to DVD and download. Stay tuned.


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