New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies and TV Shows Coming in August 2022

Wrapping up the blockbuster season, August is bringing viewers some exciting science fiction and fantasy movies. While there’s no big Marvel drop, this month does feature some highly anticipated movies, especially ones coming to streaming services. hulus prey gives viewers a prequel (or sorts) to the classic predator franchise, while Netflix’s Day Shift offers a new take on the vampire hunter. Samaritan and Three Thousand Years of Longing are also bringing big names to theatrical sci-fi/fantasy releases, as well.

August also appears to be a great month for family-friendly releases, with Apple TV+’s luck bringing the genre to animation and Paramount+’s Secret Headquarters inviting kid characters to take the lead. And with a handful of foreign-language sci-films finally getting their US release, this month is shaping up to be an excellent period for genre lovers. Here are all of the science-fiction and fantasy movies fans should watch out for in August.

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Discover Magical Realms in the Animated Luck

Sam Greenfield’s life has been filled with nothing but bad luck until she uncovers a lucky penny that turns her life around. When she accidentally flushes her charm down the toilet, her quest to get it back takes her into magical realms she never knew existed. Now faced with knowledge of the long-waged battle between good luck and bad, Sam and her feline sidekick must find a way to set things right again. With an all-star cast, including Simon Pegg, Jane Fonda and Whoopi Goldberg, luck promises to deliver a family-friendly, animated look at the idea of ​​luck — good or bad — and how people can make their own.

Luck comes to streaming Aug. 5 on Apple TV+.

Prey Delivers a New Look at the Predator

Building on the wildly popular predator franchise, prey takes place in the Comanche Nation 300 years before the movies that made the alien hunter famous. Following Naru, a hunter eager to prove her skills, prey pits the indefatigable alien threat against some of the most advanced survival skills it’s had to face. With early reviews calling it one of the best installations in the predator franchise and the film’s focus on Native actors and representation, prey is an absolute must watch.

Prey comes to Hulu Aug. 5.

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Hunt Vampires With Day Shift

When a vampire hunter, played by Jamie Foxx, needs cash quickly, he turns to the union for a final chance at earning the money he needs to keep his family nearby. With Snoop Dogg and Dave Franco along for the ride, the Netflix original movie Day Shift is sure to be a delight to watch, turning supernatural horror tropes into the bureaucratic 9-5. Helmed by Director JJ Perry, who supervised stuntwork in the John Wick series, Day Shift is a non-stop action thrill ride. While the vampires it serves up may not be anything new, the emphasis on action set pieces and stunts ensure that Day Shift will deliver on the entertainment.

Catch Day Shift streaming on Netflix Aug. 12.

Secret Headquarters Gives Kids Superpowers

After Charlie finds a secret lair beneath his dad’s house, he can’t believe that the same person who can’t handle hot wings is somehow hiding superhero technology. When he and his friends put that technology to use, they accidentally alert a group of villains to their location and must defend the headquarters against attack. Channeling major Spy Kids vibes, Secret Headquarters looks to combine alien-powered action with family drama and a coming-of-age story. With Owen Wilson and Michael Peña heading up the adult roles, the movie’s sure to deliver on the comedy as well.

Secret Headquarters arrives on Paramount+ Aug. 12.

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Open the Door of Time With Alienoid

Merging sci-fi and fantasy with Korean folklore, alienoid tells a sprawling tale of time travel, aliens imprisoned in human bodies and epic quests so big that this is just the first part of the story. In a futuristic and strange version of 2022, two managers of the imprisoned aliens see a spacecraft appear in the sky. Centuries earlier, a group of sorcerers on a quest for a divine blade watched that same spacecraft take off from a river. With the fantastical and alien on a collision course, alienoid stands to deliver spectacle and humor.

Alienoid opens in theaters Aug. 26.

Samaritan Imagines a Retired Superhero

Sylvester Stallone once was the Samaritan, a superhero who kept the city safe. Now, he’s retired and living in hiding until he has to step in to protect a neighborhood kid from local bullies. Together, the unlikely duo confronts the Samaritan’s past identity and what it means to fight back in Prime Videos Samaritan. The popularity of superheroes has led to an explosion, with new media tackling these stories from every angle. Samaritan aims to set itself apart by taking the reluctant hero trope and encasing it in the world of retirement. Stallone seems aimed to deliver the action he’s known for, and Samaritan seems like a fast-paced exploration of a familiar topic.

Stream Samaritan Aug. 26 on Prime Video.

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Save the Planet With The Last Journey of Paul WR

In the near future, the Earth gets threatened by a glowing red moon that spells disaster for life on the planet. Astronaut Paul WR gets tasked with setting things right, but shortly before his mission, he disappears. The Last Journey of Paul WR presents a dramatic look at an end-of-the-world scenario, with mysterious characters and circumstances at its heart. With Jean Reno staring, The Last Journey of Paul WR is sure to be a delight even as it throws apocalyptic scenarios at its audience.

The Last Journey of Paul WR is coming to theaters in limited release Aug. 26.

Three Thousand Years of Longing Weaves a Cautionary Tale

Following a woman who chances upon a Djinn while in Istanbul, Three Thousand Years of Longing tells a classic cautionary tale of wishes with a George Miller twist. While trailers give little of the story of the movie away, they are filled with lush and strange imagery, promising fantastical adventures in time. Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton lead the cast and ensure that it’s not just Three Thousand Years of Longing‘s stranger moments that will pull viewers in but also its more intimate and human ones.

Three Thousand Years of Longing hits theaters Aug. 31.

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