New Movies Streaming: Where To Watch These 2022 Films Online

Remember not all that long ago when we had to wait many months (and even a year or more) to watch movies following their theatrical runs? Of all the changes made to the movie industry in recent years, one of the best, at least in the eyes of moviegoers, is the shift that has allowed us to watch theatrical releases weeks, days, or no time at all before we are able to watch the massive action movies like Uncharted streaming or grand dramas like Downton Abbey: A New Era from the comfort of our homes.

But with an abundance of titles coming to a seemingly ever-growing collection of platforms, keeping track of all those releases isn’t the easiest of tasks. That being said, we have put together a breakdown of the major 2022 movies that are now streaming (or will be soon) and where you can watch them.

If you don’t see your favorite 2022 new movie releases listed below, don’t worry because there’s a good chance its streaming debut is right around the corner…

The Batman

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

2022 Movies Streaming

2022 Movies Now Streaming

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