New Apple TV Show Features Nightbirde Song: ‘Jane Would Be Proud’

Published: September 27, 2022

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New Apple TV Show Features Nightbirde Song: ‘Jane Would Be Proud’

By Movieguide® Contributor

The family of Jane Marczewski, the artist known as Nightbirde who sadly died earlier this year, is celebrating the use of her song in an upcoming TV show.

“Jane always wanted to be known for her art and when her art can show up in places that shed light to the journey of cancer, that felt like something Jane could be proud of,” the caption of a video clip read.

It continued, “Catch ‘Fly’ by Nightbirde in the new @appletv show LIFE BY ELLA that takes you on a journey of a young lady battling cancer while also trying to live her life to the fullest.”

According to IMDb, LIFE BY ELLA is “the story of a young middle-school girl as she takes a new outlook on life into a world that seems determined to break it down.”

Nightbirde famously chose optimism when she knew she had a 2% chance of surviving the cancer that ultimately killed her.

The video showed two of the show’s characters discussing what it’s like to spend time in the cancer ward of the hospital, with Nightbirde’s song playing in the background.

“Jane would be very proud to see/hear her music used in such a beautiful way. Thank you to the Apple TV team!” the caption continued. “To the NIGHTBIRDE fans that continue to keep Janes spirit alive through sharing her work, her message of hope, and protecting her voice when we are not around, we appreciate you all more than words can say.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Nightbirde’s team’s efforts to spread her words and music:

Singer-songwriter Jane Marczewski, professionally known as Nightbirde, captured people’s hearts while competing on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. She passed died earlier this year, but her family is keeping her musical legacy alive.

A post from the Nightbirde Foundation, an organization to support those with breast cancer, included a poem from Marczewski:

“I saw proof that God is kind

And that if I fall, someone will catch me

If I was an empty well, people would still gather

Not to take, but to give

I saw with my eyes

The white stag that we all stubbornly hope for

What we muster up the strength to believe in

Unconditional Love

Now that I have fallen farther than I thought possible

And never hit the ground

I cannot return to being who I was before

I have seen too much”


An excerpt of Jane’s unreleased poem “White Stag”.

The post continued, “Just wanted to keep you all updated: we are still working on Jane’s books, getting her album out by the fall…What’s so beautiful about rolling out Jane’s legacy, is we are all doing this together, for Jane. You all are helping to solidify her legacy just as much as we are and we are so grateful for that.”

Movieguide® has not yet reviewed LIFE BY ELLA and cannot advise on its content.

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