NBC’s ‘Law & Order’ Premiere Makes Massive Blunder

NBCs Law & Order crossover event premiered on Thursday, September 22. As big as the premiere was, the network did something that has outraged the fans over the decision. The episode featured an emotional scene that touched fans’ hearts but it might not make it to the streaming platform or future airings. Why did NBC make this decision? Keep reading to find out!

Law & Order Crossover Brings Together SVU & Organized Crime

The Thursday episode had three major series coming together in an amazing crossover. This event had Organized Crime & SVU taking part in a three-hour broadcast. However, something happened towards the end of the episode that wasn’t expected by fans. A beloved character from the show, Detective Amanda Rollins portrayed by Kelli Giddish was shot.

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As she fell to the ground, fans watched in disbelief. Before being taken away by the ambulance, she had bled out a lot from her abdomen. In the original version that aired on NBC, Dominick ‘Sonny’ Carisi, her boyfriend, portrayed by Peter Scanavino, arrived at the scene seconds after she was shot. With the bleeding, Amanda was sent away in the ambulance, and her boyfriend ponders whether this is an end to it all.

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However, in the scene, Olivia Benson consoles him, giving him hope as she says, “Amanda is a very strong woman. And if anyone can survive a gunshot wound, we both know that she can.”

Carisi tried to fight back his tears trying to believe Olivia’s words as he said, “You’re right, you’re right.” He then went on to hug her and burst into tears.

Emotional Amanda Rollins Scene Cut Off from Peacock version

Although the scene was a short one, it was very emotional and featured the prime characters of the show. But the viewers got furious after they learned that the scene was cut off from the streaming version. The ones that didn’t get to catch the episode when it aired on NBC might not ever get a chance to see it again. As per The Sunthe new version that was released on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, didn’t have the scene.

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According to an insider, this section of the episode was deleted to ensure it is short enough for both the syndication and the streaming platform. It’s mainly to allow a short recap before the episode starts.

Fans Upset Over Deletion Of The Crucial Law & Order Scene

However, fans weren’t happy with this decision as one wrote, “LAME. Peacock should still show it in entirety since it’s a streaming service.”

“But to seriously cut the one scene that shows the emotional fallout of Rollins getting shot is insane. The disrespect is real!” they continued.

A third upset viewer wrote, “NOT NBC CUTTING A ROLLISI SCENE AGAIN GRR.”

A big reason fans are angry about this deletion is the fact that Rollins might not be a part of the show soon. Last month, Kelli, who portrays the character, announced on Instagram that this is her last stint on the show. In an emotional caption, she explained, “I wanted to address the chatter I’ve seen online and let everyone know that this will, indeed, be my last season on ‘Law & Order: SVU.’

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However, it was later revealed that her departure from the show was not by choice, but by the upper management after salary-based contract negotiations.

What do you think of NBC chopping out a major scene from the crossover episode? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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