My Hero Academia Artist Imagines Halloween Heroes And Villains

The sixth season of My Hero Academias anime adaptation is only a few weeks away, as a new trailer arrived earlier as a part of the Crunchyroll Expo. With the War Arc set to see heroes and villains collide, new art has arrived featuring two big heroines from both sides of the aisle as an assistant to Kohei Horikoshi, Yoshinori, has given both Toga and Mina Ashido, aka Class 1-A’s Acid Girl , a Halloween-style makeover.

Toga, the blood-sucking member of the League of Villains, went through quite a few changes over the course of the fifth season of the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia. Fighting against the Meta Liberation Army alongside the likes of Shigaraki, Twice, and Dabi, Toga’s origins were explored for the first time. Growing up with a love of blood and destruction, the villain was able to unlock a new powerful upgrade for her Quirk. In the past, Toga was only able to mimic the appearance of whomever she was able to steal blood from, but now, the antagonist who has a crush on Deku can also use the Quirks of said victims, making her all the more deadly during a battle.

My Hero Academia artist, Yoshinori, routinely shared new artwork from the series that they create in their “off-hours”, with the artist getting into the Halloween spirit by placing both Toga and Acid Girl into devil outfits as the sixth season is set to see both hero and villain undergo some massive battles:

While the anime is set to explore the “War Arc”, the manga is in the throes of the “Final Arc”, which creator Kohei Horikoshi has promised will bring the story of UA Academy to a close. Joining forces with the professional crime fighters of Hero Society once again, Class 1-A is tackling their biggest challenge to date as they not only fight against Shigaraki and his young villains but also take on All For One directly. With the main villain of the series stronger than ever, despite suffering some major injuries as a result of his battle with All Might, the young heroes definitely have their work cut out for them.

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