Most Whimsical Video Games

Video games often have more detailed and visually impressive worlds than some of the most iconic fantasy and adventure movies. Gaming fans can easily get lost in these charming and weirdness-rich worlds built by the talented creators who poured their heart and soul into every detail of their games. Players can choose from some of the best indie games as well as popular multi-award winners with inspired and quirky worlds.

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Whimsical games are not only visually pleasing but are often story rich and have unique gameplay that can entertain beginners and skilled gamers alike. No matter if a player enjoys cute video games, weird adventures, or mind-blowing puzzle games because there is a game with a one-of-a-kind whimsical world for everyone.


8 Wytchwood

Wytchwood is one of the most whimsical indie games about witches and is set in a fairy tale and fables-inspired world. The game’s storybook art style is lovely and detailed and creates a warm and nostalgic vibe while setting up a great tone for its fun crafting adventure. Players will have to explore a land of gothic tales as the old witch of the woods.

After stepping into the shoes of this powerful witch players will have to collect magical ingredients and make potions and spells while dealing with a wide range of cute and weird characters who live in this wondrous land. It’s a cozy and feel-good crafting game that will entertain casual gamers too.

7 papetura

papetura is not only one of the most whimsical but also one of the most unique games players will ever try thanks to its unique art style. This gorgeous game was entirely handcrafted out of paper and with its creative story, atmospheric music, and lovable characters it provides a singular and mysterious adventure for its players from the beginning to the end.

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papetura‘s story follows a lonely paper creature named Pape who after finally escaping from prison meets another paper creature, Tura. Players will go on an adventure with them and help them save their house before it burns down. It’s a simple yet joyful point-and-click adventure filled with imaginative puzzles and a whimsical world that’s hard to forget.

6 The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story is a beautifully hand-drawn point & click puzzle adventure game, and it’s a great choice for those gamers who love ‘weird in a good kind of way’ games. This whimsical creation is one of the best games for children so the whole family can explore its imaginative world together while solving puzzles and finding hidden objects to save the Tiny Planet’s population.

The game’s story is set on Tiny Planet, a fragile world that broke into pieces after it was hit by an asteroid. Players can explore all kinds of vibrant and quirky locations where they have to solve the puzzles to be able to repair Tiny Planet’s important machines and save the day.

5 Omno

Omno is a gorgeous single-player adventure game in which players get to explore a serene and breathtaking ancient fantasy world. Omno has beautiful graphics and a fun story filled with secrets and mysteries. Players get to explore lush forests, tundras, and deserts while discovering the secrets of a lost civilization.

Thanks to its magnificent beasts and charming creatures it’s also one of the best games for animal lovers who love meeting new and creative fantasy creatures. Omno‘s world is filled with puzzles, secrets, and obstacles, but it’s also an easy game, so it’ll be thoroughly enjoyable for less experienced and beginner players too.

4 A Juggler’s Tale

A Juggler’s Tale is for those gamers who love all things cozy and warm but with a bit of darkness. This multi-award-winning cinematic puzzle adventure game has a bruised but heartwarming fairytale-like story in which players will get to control a marionette character named Abby.

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They will have to help Abby win her freedom by evading bandits and traps and solving the fun puzzles of this whimsical medieval fairy tale world. This darkly charming game provides completely unique visuals for its players as well as relatable characters and an emotional story about empowerment and hope.

3 figure

figure is a brilliant musical action adventure and is one of the most wonderfully strange games ever created. figure‘s whimsical and surreal hand-drawn world is filled with clever puzzles and charming and hilarious characters in which players can take part in epic musical boss battles to restore lost courage.

Players will get to go on an adventure with the optimistic Dusty and Piper. Together they will have to explore different sides of the mind and save them from nightmares by overcoming the game’s obstacles. It’s a fairly easy game and is a fun experience for beginners and advanced players alike.

2 somnus

somnus is a lesser-known whimsical 3D puzzle game but thanks to its unique world-building that uses perspective illusions to manipulate the game’s environment it provides a one-of-a-kind experience to its gamers. Players get to explore a vibrant and colorful fantasy land while controlling a young shutterbug named Melanie.

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The game’s story follows her adventures as she journeys into a mysterious land she finds in her wardrobe after waking up late at night. The players will have to use a magical camera to solve the game’s unique perspective illusion puzzles to help Melanie and her stuffed companions as they explore this magical fantasy world.

1 Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a vivid adventure shooter game with one of the most engaging and imaginative stories. The game’s story picks up right after the Psychonauts’ leader was kidnaped and continues while they try to find out who was behind it. Players go on an epic adventure with Raz in this dazzling world while using their customizable psychic powers.

During their dangerous adventure players can uncover dark mysteries surrounding the organization’s founding and even Raz’s family history. Psychonauts 2‘s immersive cinematic world can be challenging at times and while there are common Psychonauts 2 mistakes that most players make it’s still a game that’ll provide an unforgettable and electrifying experience for all types of gamers.

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