Moon Knight Featurette Shows How Oscar Isaac Played Marc And Steven

Playing two characters at the same time is often a big acting challenge, but it turns out Oscar Isaac had the best help he could call upon in Moon Knight, as shown in the series’ latest featurette. sure, Marvel Studios‘ special effects go a long way, yet having his own brother as his stand-in-double surely must have helped.

Towards the end of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, Marc Spector and Steven Grant finally get to share a few scenes together beyond the spectacular use of mirrors seen throughout most of the show, or the invasive dialogue whenever another of the superhero’s personas took over. This constant guessing game is possibly what gift Moon Knight part of its unique MCU identity, even though the show apparently failed to cement itself as one of Disney Plus’ most-watched productions.


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Now, as to what kind of help Issac got to achieve such a performance, Moon Knight‘s VFX Supervisor Sean Faden explained it all came down to using a mixture of the typical magic cameras studios need whenever an actor needs a twin. Other methods include Isaac performing while listening to his own lines as the other character he wasn’t playing in a particular scene or simply having his brother and actor Michael “Mikey” Benjamin Hernandez lending a hand on the Moon Knight set. Faden singled out the first episode’s mirror scene as one of the most difficult to pull off, despite it requiring a different variety of tricks.

Isaac was heavily praised for his performance in the series, where he ultimately ended up playing three different characters due to the stealth inclusion of Moon Knight’s third personality, the taxi driver turned limo driver Jake Lockley. For those previously unaware of Isaac’s brother, the resemblance between the two is obvious. So, he is definitely the perfect double for any future Moon Knight appearances Marvel Studios might have in mind.

Considering Isaac’s long resume as an actor, it’s hardly surprising to see him deliver such a convincing performance. Instead, what is truly perplexing about Moon Knight is how the series is currently the only MCU production to lack any sort of connection to the rest of the franchise. Even though this decision did pay off from a creative standpoint, the series’ ending leaves the door wide open for possible continuation or tie-in with marvel‘s Midnight Suns.

Suffice to say, Loki, the only other MCU series with horror influences, stands tall above the rest of the Phase Four shows as the only one with a confirmed second season. However, with such unique tricks and thrills, Moon Knight makes a compelling case for becoming the second one.

Moon Knight is currently available on Disney Plus.

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