Meet ‘AGT’ Season 17 Wild Card, Comedian Jordan Conley

Corey Cesare

Jordan Conley auditions for 'America's Got Talent'Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC

The votes are in, comic Jordan Conley has officially earned the spot of wild card contestant in the 17th season of America’s Got Talent. We’ve heard his jokes on stage, but what else is there to know about this fan favorite comedian? Here’s everything you should know going into the next episode of the live shows.

How Did Jordan Conley Get His Start in Comedy?

Jordan Conley has officially been announced as the 55th contestant to appear in the upcoming America’s Got Talent live shows. This Garden Grove, California native is no stranger to the open mic scene. He made his debut at only 18 years old, but had to take a brief hiatus due to lack of transportation. Once he was able to purchase a car at 24 years old, he continued to pursue comedy. As mentioned on AGTthe 29 year old has been performing comedy full time for seven years.

Reports state that Jordan’s parents weren’t always as supportive of his comedy career as they are now. the comedian has stated that early on in his career, his parents would “try to talk him out of my choices and explore other occupations other than stand-up comedy.”

Luckily, Jordan’s parents changed their minds after his first performance and have been supportive ever since. As mentioned on America’s Got Talent, Jordan hopes to be more successful than popular comedian Kevin Hart. Even though he’s hoping for a huge amount of fame from AGT, he’s no stranger to headlining comedy shows. He’s recently been the headlining performance at several comedy clubs and appeared in series Jonny Loquasto: Physical Therapy, Vowsand Under wraps 2.

The comedian also posts his acts to his own YouTube channel, LOLJordanConley. He isn’t considered popular on social media (yet) considering he has 1,7900 subscribers on YouTube, 4,441 followers on Instagram, and 9,768 followers on TikTok. Considering he was America’s favorite, we expect his follower count to increase as the live shows go on.

Fellow Wild Card Auzzy Blood Congratulates Jordan on His Win

Ahead of America’s Got Talent, Jordan published a video on his Instagram story, telling fans that the wild card would be announced during the first live show. Within the video, the comedian shares that he was insanely nervous about the results. After resharing multiple announcements on his Instagram stories, he shared a video to reels of him screaming that he made it through.

Fans flooded his comments section to congratulate him on the accomplishment. Other than fans, fellow wild card act Auzzy Blood has been seen cheering the comedian on in the comments. He wrote “Hellz yeah I’m glad to have lost to you buddy! Break a leg at the live show!”

Jordan responded, saying that Auzzy Blood is dope and deserves to tour the world. The danger act also shared Jordan’s win on his Instagram story. Jordan then reshared Auzzy’s story, stating that they connected while filming auditions and “he’s a gem of a human being.”