Martin Lawrence Gives Bad Boys 4 Update After Will Smith’s Oscars Slap

Despite the unforgettable drama that went down at the Oscars with Will Smith, Martin Lawrence says the Bad Boys will return in the future.

The physical altercation that transpired at the 2022 Oscars ceremony between actor Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock shocked the world. Still, Martin Lawrence assures fans that his co-star’s actions won’t impact Bad Boys 4.

Following the 2022 Oscars, major changes have happened in Smith’s career as an actor. His Netflix movie Fast and Loose paused its production indefinitely and the King Richard star was banned from the Oscars award ceremony for the next ten years. Although Smith has made a public apology for his behavior at the event, the entertainment industry is still keeping the star at arm’s length.


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Despite the mixed feelings within the industry about the altercation, actor Lawrence has made it clear that he and Smith are “Bad Boys for life” and have plans to return for a fourth Bad Boys adventure movie. In an interview with EBONY, Lawrence dived into his relationship with his Bad Boys co-star. When asked if the Oscars situation involving Smith will interfere with the future of the Bad Boys franchise, Lawrence made it clear to EBONY that there are no plans to scrap the upcoming film, and he has zero plans to walk away from his friendship with Smith. He promised fans of the movie franchise, “We got one more at least.”

Lawrence’s compassion for his friend and colleague seems to stem from his own hiccups within his career. During a time when the star found himself at a low point of his career, friend Eddie Murphy helped relaunch Lawrence’s career with the 1999 comedy movie life. Lawrence referenced this during his talk with EBONY, recalling, “It was a tough time in my life at that time, and Eddie called and had life ready for me.” Lawrence continued, “He wouldn’t do the movie with anybody else but me. So, I really love him for that.”

The changes in Smith’s acting career following the 2022 Oscars altercation have been anything but slight. Although the choice to hold the star accountable for his actions is a step in the right direction for the entertainment business and the Academy Awards, Lawrence showing empathy for Smith manages to bring some warmth to a very chaotic and saddening situation.

with Bad Boys 4 and Smith’s involvement confirmed by Lawrence, there are chances that the sequel film will be able to act as a career relaunch for Smith, similarly to the way that life Lawrence’s relaunched. As the star enters the next telling chapter of his acting career in an attempt to learn from his very public mistakes, Bad Boys fans are probably thrilled to hear a new film in the series is all but certain.

Bad Boys 4 is reportedly under development.

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