Manifestation meditation to try as portal opens on 8/8

Lion Gate portal is opening on 8/8. The day brings in a lot of positive energy and we have details on some manifestation mediations that you can try to boost the ritual.

Following the new moon and the spiritual energy it got with it, people can now enjoy another day of positive energy as the Lion Gate portal opens on 8/8.

This day is auspicious for anyone who wants to manifest in their life.

What is Lion Gate portal aka 8/8 portal

The Lion Gate portal opens every year on 8/8 and brings with it a lot of positive energy. It is considered to be a great day for manifestation as the portal opens during the month of Leo, a sign that is known for its strength and pride.

With the spiritual energy being at its peak, this is considered to be good for setting your aspirations. To add to this, the number 8 also denotes infinity, that is, an abundance of everything positive.

If you are someone who had been looking forward to starting a new journey in your life, this is the right time to manifest it.

Manifestation meditation to try

For those who are confused about where to start with your manifestations, we are here to guide you through it all. However, before you begin, it is important to understand how you can be in the right frame of mind to make sure the universe hears all your aspirations.

To do this, it is important to meditate. This is done to make sure you are able to concentrate on your aspirations and give life to your thoughts. One of the easiest ways to do so is by putting on some relaxing music that would help you concentrate.

You can choose to put on a white noise sound, pink noise, or any music that helps you relax. People have said that the white noise, which sounds like ocean waves, proves to be best for concentration. However, it varies from person to person so we suggest you choose the one that fits you the best.

Once you have your choice of sound ready, take a few breaths and concentrate. You can also light some candles if it helps you better.

While doing your manifestation mediation make sure you are calm and focusing on your aspirations.

How to manifest

TikTok has been boosting the method of 369. If you wish to follow it, we have got all the details for you below:

  1. Choose the three affirmations that you want in your life. It does not have to be limited to a certain thing and can be anything that you want to achieve in your life.
  2. Once you have your aspirations, you have to either say or write those things on a paper six times. This is done to ensure that the universe hears your thoughts and helps you turn them into reality.
  3. Lastly, visualize yourself with those affirmations for nine seconds. Make it as precise and realistic as you can.

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