Manga lashes: A step-by-step guide to get this anime-inspired look

Manga lashes: A step-by-step guide to get this anime-inspired look

Aug 19, 2022, 07:11 pm
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Manga lashes: A step-by-step guide to get this anime-inspired look
Trending on TikTok, manga eyelashes give you a spiky look to flaunt.

You must have come across a host of characters in Japanese comic books who have eyelashes that tend to grow into pointy clusters.

Well, these eyelashes are called manga lashes and they are trending all over TikTok!

These Japanese-inspired anime lashes are spaced out along the bottom with the top lash lines creating a spiky look.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting them.

So what are manga eyelashes?

Manga refers to different forms of cartooning, animation, and comics that are originally produced and published in Japan.

The characters usually have large eyes, quirky hair color, small mouths, and spiky eyelashes that are spaced out.

The manga eyelash trend was first spotted by Toronto-based user Sarah Cheung on a Chinese social media app called Xiaohongshu.

Apply eye shadow primer to your eyelids

To get the perfect manga lash effect, first space out store-bought individual lashes or clusters.

Apply a generous amount of eye shadow primer to your eyelids in order to ensure that the lashes stay intact and the mascara doesn’t smudge.

This will prevent the mascara from wiping off onto your cheeks and eyelids.

Remember to avoid a dark or dramatic eye makeup look.

Use an eyeliner and curl your lashes

Now, use a thin black eyeliner and apply it close to your eyelids. You can even use a white eye shadow.

Following this, curl your lashes from the roots to the tips, clamping down at least three times at each stage.

Then, start wiggling your mascara from roots to tips to space out the lashes. Re-apply for an appealing look.

Wipe off excess mascara residue using a mascara wand

To get the perfect manga eyelash look, at least use two-three coats or mascara.

In case you had applied a heavy coating of mascara on your eyelashes and they feel too clumpy, use a mascara wand to wipe off the excess residue.

This will help to separate the eyelashes and define each lash.

Well, now you are ready to rock the manga lash look.

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