List of Jordan Peele’s Best Horror Films

Jordan Peele, a man who started in broad comedy, has become a new, modern master of horror. Perhaps he’s not the greatest of all time (Peele himself would argue that’s John Carpenter), but still, in a few short years Peele has built up an impressive resume of spooky cinematic excellence.

That doesn’t mean we can’t take a look back through what Peele has crafted, though. After weeks of in-fighting and careful consideration with the Elders, we have come up with the list you see below, a meticulously arranged breakdown of Jordan Peel’s filmography.

with his latest, nope, currently in theaters — though not currently streaming, Decider’s purview, so not currently included on this list — here’s a list of every single movie that Jordan Peele has directed, ranked. Yes, all of them, from Get Outto usand that’s it:


‘Get Out’

Get Out
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The movie that started it all is still pretty much untouchable — both with critics, and audiences, and most importantly internet memes that just won’t quit, years later. Get Out stars Daniel Kaluuya as a man visiting his white girlfriend’s family, only to discover a dark, disturbing secret at the heart of their seemingly friendly, inclusive community. By turns terrifying, hilarious and prescient, Get Out is a masterpiece.

Where to watch Get Out



Movie Title: Us
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In many ways more complicated and ambitious than Get Out, us follows Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke’s family as they go on a seemingly normal, awkward vacation… Only to discover their doppelgängers hanging around their house, with murderous intent. As the movie continues, it becomes clear things aren’t confined to the core family, but go much bigger — and much farther back in time — than anyone might suspect. Anchored by an incredible, monstrous performance by Nyong’o, us may not be as memed as its predecessor, but it is definitely worth a rewatch.

Where to watch us


Gremlins 2

Though Jordan Peele didn’t actually direct Gremlins 2: The New Batch (that would be Joe Dante), he did play Star Magic Jackson Jr. in the classic Key & Peele sketch, “Gremlins 2 Brainstorm”, which is a must watch. And honestly, it felt a little silly to publish a list with only two items on it. we’ll add nope when it’s on streaming though, don’t worry.

Where to watch Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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