Lena Dunham’s ‘Sharp Stick’ sex comedy dispels ‘late bloomer’ myth

It was the end of her freshman year of college, and Lena Dunham still hadn’t had sex.

“I felt like the latest bloomer in the world,” says the “Girls” actress and director, who returns to filmmaking with provocative coming-of-age comedy “Sharp Stick” (now showing in New York and Los Angeles, in theaters nationwide Friday). “I thought, ‘You can’t end your freshman year still a virgin.’ Well, it turns out, you could.”

Then 19 and loyally reading her parents’ issues of Time Out New York, Dunham wrote to the magazine’s resident sex columnist, Jamie Bufalino, asking why all her college friends were screwing “six ways to Sunday” and she wasn’t.

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Lena Dunham in London in 2021. The writer/director is back this summer with new movie

Bufalino eventually replied, writing, “Just enjoy being a teenager and stop using old-lady terms like ‘six ways to Sunday,’ ” Dunham recalls with a laugh. “The person who I thought knew everything about sex was like, ‘The only thing you could be doing wrong is worrying this much about it.’ It was a huge weight off my shoulders – I’ll be thankful to Jamie Bufalino ’til the day I die.”

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