Kevin Smith Reveals He’s Buying New Jersey Movie Theater, Announces Next Film

Kevin Smith is one busy guy. Not only has he directed many films over the last few decades, but he also has multiple podcasts, owns a comic book shop, created a successful pop-up restaurant, and more. This week, the director revealed that he’s now buying the movie theater from his childhood. The actor took to Instagram to announce his purchase of the New Jersey theater and revealed he’s making a new movie that will be filmed at the location.

“As a cinema-centric kid, I used to dream about living in a movie theater one day! But the older I got, the more I realized that childhood dreams don’t really come true – so I’ll have to settle for living ABOVE @theatlanticmoviehouse, the movie theater that @jenschwalbach & I are buying with Ashley of @leeloomultiprops, @odblues7, & @jeffswanton5!My l’il baby @smodcastle is growing up to become the @smodcastlecinemas – the place to see movies, live shows, comedy, music & more! @kupamy has the whole story at @thestarledger today, but the long and short of it is that I’m gonna co-own the movie theater where I’d go to the movies with my Dad and where I spent the many frivolous Friday nights of my Jersey teenage youth!The new @clerksmovie will be permanently ensconced there, and you can bet there’ll be monthly film series featuring my cult classics & midnight movies, like @tuskthemovie and the new @ scrtnetwork release #killroywashere! But beyond my flicks, you can join the forthcoming Me rry Marvel Movie Society and see every new @marvelstudios release with me and gush about ’em afterwards! Or come to Saturday morning Movies with Mooby and enjoy cereal with our @moobyspopup mascot while you watch kid flicks!”

Smith added, “Does this all mean my movies have gotten so bad that I had to buy my own theater just to show ’em? Maybe. But this dramatic development has already paid creative dividends: remember that script I just finished? I started writing it because we’re about to own a movie theater – so I figured ‘Why not shoot a movie AT your new movie theater?’ Set in 1986, the flick’s entitled THE 4:30 MOVIE and it follows 3 suburban teenagers as they theater hop a spring Sunday away, sneaking from flick to flick, like we did as kids. #theconveniencetour is over. And then next summer, we enter the world of higher learning. I always felt a movie theater during the day would best be used as an educational outlet. There’s a screen at the front and chairs for students – just like in a classroom. So get ready for View Askewniversity: A @jayandsilentbob Film School! I may be 52, but in this theater? I’m like a kid again.”

It’s been over 15 years since Smith’s Clerks II hit theatres, and the long-awaited threequel is finally on its way. Last weekend, the director shared the first five minutes of Clerks III at San Diego Comic Con. The movie will see the return of Brian O’Halloran (Dante Hicks), Jeff Anderson (Randal Graves), Rosario Dawson (Becky), Trevor Fehrman (Elias), Jason Mewes (Jay), and Smith (Silent Bob). The trailer featured some exciting cameos appearances including a glimpse at longtime Smith collaborator, Ben Affleck.

Clerks III is coming to select theaters on September 13th and 15th. You can get tickets for The Convience Tour here.


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