John Wayne Once Explained Why ‘Cahill US Marshal’ Was His Worst Western

Actor John Wayne made one of his last movies in Cahill US Marshal. However, it was far from being one of his favorite Western motion pictures he starred in. Wayne once explained why he considered Cahill US Marshal to be his worst western. Critics and his fans wouldn’t necessarily agree, but the Duke certainly had his reasons for turning his back on this one.

John Wayne played JD Cahill in ‘Cahill U.S. Marshal’

'Cahill US Marshal' John Wayne as JD Cahill wearing his Western uniform and holding a gun in front of a horse.
John Wayne as JD Cahill | Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Cahill US Marshal follows a marshal named JD Cahill (Wayne), who neglects his two sons. However, his whole world turns upside down when he finds his kids mixed up with an outlaw named Fraser (George Kennedy) in a bank robbery.

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