Joe Rogan lifts the lid on his UFC commentary, stand-up comedy and podcasting futures

Joe Rogan recently opened up on his multiple career ventures, which includes UFC commentary, stand-up comedy and podcasting.

Rogan recently featured on the This Past Weekend podcast with Theo Von. The renowned color commentator is a popular figure among fans of the UFC. With that in mind, Von asked him if he feels under pressure to live up to the expectations of fans as he is such a popular individual.

The 54-year-old stated that he doesn’t feel any additional pressure with commentary or any of his responsibilities. Rogan added that if he immediately had to stop doing everything he does, he would be fine and wouldn’t have issues finding other things to do:

“It’s not a crazy question but I don’t think like that. I just keep doing what I am doing. Like, if I stop tomorrow, I’d be cool. I enjoy doing everything. I enjoy doing comedy, I enjoy doing [the] podcast, I enjoy doing the UFC. But if I stop doing all of it tomorrow, I’ll find other sh*t to do.”

Rogan went on to list the things that he would do if he was looking for new things to keep him busy. A man of many talents, he noted that he is keen to get better at archery, as well as work on his jiu-jitsu skills:

“I like doing things. I would probably just get really more into archery and playing pool. Or maybe I start drawing again or something. I don’t need to do what I am doing, I need to do things. I’d probably just like invest more time in jiu jitsu.”

Watch Joe Rogan talk to Theo Von in the video below::

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Joe Rogan turns 55 in a couple of days

Joe Rogan is a polarizing figure to many. However, he has certainly built and maintained a dedicated set of fans, even through some recent controversies.

With that said, one can expect good wishes to float in abundance in a couple of days as he celebrates his 55th birthday on August 11.

Rogan has been a staple part of the UFC’s commentary team for over two decades now. He is a famous stand up comedian as well. In fact, it was his gigs in comedy that first gave him a prominent platform.

His presence in the UFC commentary booth brings a special flair of entertainment to fans as he manages to reach the audience with his genuine reactions to fights, which often garner views on social media following big finishes.

While his UFC commentary activity has dipped in recent times, Rogan is still usually present at United States-held pay-per-view events.


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