Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco Hunt Vampires. Poorly

It’s just not possible to genuinely recommend “Day Shift,” a bad horror movie streaming on Netflix in which Jamie Foxx plays a vampire hunter.

And yet.

The film, directed by stuntman JJ Perry in his feature debut, has a spotty script, some laughable acting and goofy special effects. These are the things it has going against it. Not exactly points of recommendation.

But they’re also what left it to some of the bad-but-fun ’80s horror movies like “Chopping Mall” or “CHUD” The gross-out gore and wooden line readings are retro, if you squint your eyes hard enough.

And remember, all that bonkers filmmaking occasionally produced a true classic, like “Return of the Living Dead” (though that was in large part a parody — but sure is great).

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