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DETROIT LAKES — Event attendees filled The Pavilion at Detroit Lakes for the 2nd Annual Intrepid Adventure Film Festival on Friday, July 29.

Festival-goers were treated to more than a dozen films across the varying categories of adventure, including: climbing, various freestyle sports, and arduous treks through scenic landscapes.

Frankie Hutchinson, artist and creative director for the festival, said the festival highlights outdoor life that not everyone typically does, or watches on a Friday night.

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Event attendees view a series of short adventure films during the Intrepid Adventure Film Festival in Detroit Lakes on July, 29, 2022.

Michael Achterling / Detroit Lakes Tribune

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Guests check-in at the event table during the Intrepid Adventure Film Festival in Detroit Lakes on July, 29, 2022.

Michael Achterling / Detroit Lakes Tribune

“I think it’s important that this is here in Detroit Lakes because there is nothing else like it in the area,” said Hutchinson. “It’s fresh, it’s different, we bring the music in to bring some familiarity to everybody because an adventure film festival is pretty foreign.”

She said the event organizers are always looking for new films to show and anyone who would like to submit an entry for the 2023 Intrepid Adventure Film Festival should reach out to them through their website or social media pages . The submission deadline is usually June 1, she said.

Hutchinson said she grew up as a huge movie fan and loves the outdoors, so helping create a film festival that “marries” her two passions seemed like a no-brainer.

One of the short films was “Girls of Kitesurfing,” submitted by Stance Kiteboarding, which highlighted scenic landscapes and beautiful aerial tricks using wind to lift the kiteboarder off the sea and into the heavens.

Some of the other films shown at the festival included:

  • “Get A Job: A Dirtbag Rock Climbing Story Down Under Australia,” a film by Lucas Corroto

  • “Made in the Mitten,” a short film about the origins of snowboarding

  • “Deep Water: Psicobloc in Vietnam with Kyra Condie and Tim Emmett,” a Louder Than Eleven movie

  • “Lotawana On Ice,” a Mammoth Media movie

  • Markus Eder’s “The Ultimate Run – The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined”

  • “A Dog’s Tale,” a Shimano film, which features four-legged friends on adventures with their owners

  • “The Important Places,” a film by Forest Woodward and Brendan Leonard

  • “Boot Over Brim,” a Sweetgrass production featuring Amie Engerbretson, which features a unique combination of swing dancing and extreme skiing runs

The festival also featured special guest speakers, yoga on the beach, a kids program, live music and beach games throughout the day.

“The best part this year was getting the kids here for a few hours … but for the actual inspiration and impact is empowering these younger generations to go outside and do the same stuff. Pick-up a camera, pick-up a pair a skis, go hiking, build new memories and new adventures,” said Hutchinson.

One of the festival attendees, Mark Hagen, also wrote a letter to the editor about the event.

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