‘I didn’t know I could do that’: Meteorologist discovers TV’s touch screen on-air. Watch video

A meteorologist discovered to his surprise that the television with which he was demonstrating weather patterns on air had a touch screen. Greg Dutra’s hilarious reaction during his morning live show on ABC has gone viral and triggered laughter online.

In the video, Dutra is seen touching the TV screen and talking about weather patterns. As the map moves, Dutra seems surprised and says, “Oh! I moved the map…I didn’t know I could do that. no way!”

Amid Dutra’s reaction, someone is heard saying, “I gotta try it.” Then anchor Terrell Brown comes forward and touches the screen. Dutra zooms in on the screen and laughs out loud saying, “It’s a great day! Our temperatures are warming up nicely this afternoon. But, I didn’t know. I never touched it before.”

Then, he discovers that he can tilt the map as well.

Watch the video here:

Dutra shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “This wasn’t in the training manual! @TBrownABC7 @valwarnertv and I go OFF THE RAILS when I discovered the TV is a touch screen while on-air on @ABC7Chicago.”

The clip has amassed more than 4.5 million views on Twitter. After the video went viral, Dutra wrote in the comments section, “Well this blew up I’ve got nothing to sell or plug except be nice to those around you. Everyone’s going through something.”

Many users came up with funny reactions. One of them said, “Please stop moving the Earth, Greg! I’m trying to pour a glass of milk and I keep spilling it because the ground is all WOOOOO.” Another user wrote, “This is exactly how I imagine how the ones reacted when they first first discovered fire, this same energy! love it!!”

Funny moments on air often go viral and trigger laughter and memes online.

In July this year, BBC anchor Tim Willcox was spotted checking his phone with his feet on the desk in front of him. As reporter Ros Atkins was explaining about mounting pressure on former British prime minister Boris Johnson, the camera cut abruptly to the studio catching the senior news anchor off guard.


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