How Quintessential Quintuplets Differs From Harem Anime

The average harem anime features an average protagonist surrounded by gorgeous girls vying for his attention. Even though fans have come to love countless harem and reverse harem anime in the past, the genre has begun to feel oversaturated. Like many other genres, there are always series that set out to subvert typical genre tropes and freshen up even the most predictable of genres.

Quintessential Quintuplets has all the features of a typical harem, but still manages to be unique in its own way. It’s one of the best anime to watch in 2022, without a doubt. For starters, it has excellent pacing, as the girls don’t suddenly jump into the boiling pot of romance. Quintessential Quintuples follows a poor high school boy named Uesugi Futaro, who is a genius and very studious. On the other hand, the female protagonists are quintuplets — Nino, Ichika, Itsuki, Miku, and Yotsuba Nakano — characterized as rich and spoiled. Not to mention, the sisters are hilariously bad at studying. In ordinary circumstances, the girls wouldn’t even give Futaro a second glance, but, being absolutely hopeless when it comes to school, the tables turn.

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Futaro is hired by the sisters’ father to tutor the girls. The problem is, the quintuplets aren’t interested in studying at all, and none of them are willing to compromise with Futaro — at least in the beginning. It would seem that the girls would be all over him by the second episode, but that’s the beauty of Quintessential Quintuplets. It’s a slow burn, especially in the first season, while the second season is the one where all the drama begins. However, the sisters despise Futaro right from the beginning, and it’s a tough call for Futaro because not only does he have to earn their trust, but also get them to study together.

It’s safe to say that the show is comedic at its core and offers a great laugh throughout each episode. The romantic element is definitely not lost, but it’s also not put in the audience’s faces. The relationship between the protagonists isn’t also overdone as each sister takes her sweet time in opening up to Futaro.

On the other hand, Futaro is only interested in keeping the job and doesn’t intend to start anything with the sisters. But it becomes increasingly complex for him to stay out of their lives as he comes to care about them, and each of their individual problems. Futaro’s goal to keep the sisters’ grades afloat without pointing out their lack of brain is the most refreshing thing about him. He’s simply a guy who cares about his own sister and is pure at heart.

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Quintessential Quintuplets is hilarious, witty, and not overly mainstream. It has its ups and downs, but the story takes the point of not being tacky. The obvious doesn’t happen, and there are quite a few twists where the viewers would least expect it. The biggest secret, teased from the first moments of the series, is that Futaro will inevitably marry one of the sisters. That makes it all the more interesting and juicer as it’s only revealed in the last episode of Season 2.

It sent fans in fits to discover which sister ended in the white dress, and at first glance, it’s confusing to tell which quintuplet won Futaro. Quintessential Quintuplets is one of the best harem series out there. Quintessential Quintuplets is currently available for streaming through Crunchyroll, with the original manga being published in English through Kodansha.

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