Here Are 25 Black History Facts From Music, TV And Movies

Tupac in Star Wars would’ve been legendary.

Last week, Twitter user @DejonNoMustard asked people“In the mood for some random Black industry facts. What y’all got for me?”

Well, let me tell you, the responses were way more interesting, so we just had to reach out to @DejonNoMustard to ask if we could round up some of the best ones to share with you!


“Jackeé Harry got slapped in the mouth by Eartha Kitt for flirting with her boyfriend during a live performance.” —@jameerpond


“The Nicholas brothers routine in Stormy Weather (1943) is physically impossible to replicate and was done in one take. In later years, they would teach students like Michael and Janet Jackson in tap dance.” —@ApokolipsPimp


“Before he became the legendary comedian he is now, Richard Pryor was a singer. He used to open for Bob Dylan as well as Nina Simone.” —@Taranchyla


“I’m still stuck on the fact that Teedra Moses’ “Be Your Girl” was about Nas” —@gordonhues


George Lucas wanted Tupac Shakur to audition for the role of Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequels, but he was killed before doing so.” —@BTrusty504ever


“Aunt Viv #2 and the dad from Sister, Sister have been married for 40 years.” —@sc8709


“I still get people that don’t know this, but DJ D-Wrek from Wild N’ Out is the rapper for the Danny Phantom theme song.” —@TetrisSenpai


“Bobby Womack went to Sam Cooke’s funeral with Sam’s wife while wearing Sam’s clothes and driving Sam’s car. They were married three months later.” —@jgadison32


Whitney Houston Produced The Princess Diaries.” —@iamfreddy_


“It took me years to discover Redman and Method Man did the Pixies rap on Fairly Oddparents; I just remember that joint being fire as a kid.” —@WizardScarlet1


“I always thought it was common knowledge, but apparently, Rick James made the most under the radar cameo appearance ever as Spanky Johnson in life.” —@thenotoryousone


“Michael Jackson paid for all of Naomi Campbell’s missed fashion shows just so she could be in his music video for ‘In the Closet’” —@foxxybemine


Tia Mowry voiced Sasha in most of the bratz show and movies.” —@usoppenjoyer


“At the end of Minnie Riperton’s ‘Lovin’ You,’ you can hear her saying Maya’s name over and over again.” —@thejournalista


“Romeo of Immature lost his eye because of Brandy. The guys were brass with Brandy one day on tour, and she threw a book over her shoulder in their direction, and the corner of the book accidentally hit Romeo in the cornea. Eventually, he went blind in that eye.” —@TweetsAintSafe


“James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair who played king and queen of Zamunda in Coming to America also voiced Mufasa and Sarabi, in Disney’s hit animation The Lion King.” —@inapileofstuff


Eddie Murphy turned down the role of Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit because he thought the whole idea was stupid.” —@AvoidTIMtation


Prince was supposed to have Chris Tucker’s part in The Fifth Elementbut he thought the character was too feminine.” —@_tuckerfooley


“Rockwell, who sang ‘Somebody’s Watching Me,’ and Redfoo, who sang ‘Party Rock Anthem,’ are half brothers and Berry Gordy’s sons.” —@blackgirlwtools


“‘It’s Raining Men’ was for Donna Summer, but as a born-again Christian, she thought the song was ‘blasphemous.’ Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Cher, and Barbra Streisand would all decline this song before The Weather Girls recorded it and made it a hit.” —@MilikKashad


“Pharrell did the SWV ad-libs in their song ‘Right Here.'” —@QTheCaptain

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