Halloween Movie Recommendations for a Girls’ Night

Halloween can serve as a perfect excuse to get together with friends and have a fun movie night. Movies like Practical Magic and The Craft serve as less scary options for those who avoid horror while showcasing spooky and witchy moments. Horror comedy movies like Jennifer’s Body and Fright Night can also be an excellent choice, as the scares are often mixed in with laughs. Meanwhile, the slasher movie scream still serves as one of the most iconic horror films in existence, and it’s always an excellent film to watch with friends.

Practical Magic Features Witches and Sisterhood

Practical Magic is the least scary film on the list as it’s a cult classic romantic drama from the late 1990s. The film stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as sisters who are descendants of witches. Sally (Bullock) and Gillian (Kidman) Owens are forced to discover a way to break the family curse that kills any man they love. Sally lost her husband to the curse, and Gillian struggles to find love, eventually finding herself in an abusive relationship. Their hardships bring them together as they discover a way to stop the generational curse.

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what makes Practical Magic an excellent Halloween pick are the themes of sisterhood, grief and feminism throughout the film. There is some romance, but the central conflict resides in Sally and Gillian as they work together to break the curse. This film also serves as an enjoyable watch for those who don’t enjoy scary movies. There are cryptic and spooky themes to Practical Magicbut the tone remains relatively light despite the drama these sisters endure.

The Craft Shows What True Power Can Do

The Craft dives a little deeper into the “scary” territory, but the central focus of the film is the dynamic between the teenage girls who become unlikely friends. The cult classic features four outcasts who bond over their shared belief in witchcraft and magic. What initially starts out as fun among friends quickly becomes an intense rollercoaster, as one member uses her powers to seek revenge on their classmates.

what makes The Craft an excellent Halloween pick are the spooky vibes and the portrayal of toxic femininity. The casting for the film was iconic for the time, and the differences between each member provided audiences with different ways to relate to one or more of the characters. For instance, the teenagers explore their angst about isolation and rejection in high school, responding to normal teenage experiences with the power of magic.

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Jennifer’s Body Portrays a Friend’s Obsession Gone Too Far

Jennifer’s Body is another step toward “scary” since the film features horrifying scenes of Jennifer (Megan Fox) as a bloodthirsty succubus. The film features inseparable best friends, Jennifer and Needy (Amanda Seyfried) who have few boundaries. Once Jennifer becomes a succubus through a demonic ritual, she targets all the young men in town, including Needy’s long-term boyfriend.

what makes Jennifer’s Body an excellent pick for Halloween movie night is the humor of the movie. The dialogue earns its cult classic status as its lines are outrageous and humorous. This film also served as a breakout role for Fox and Seyfried. The actors showcased different sides of themselves not previously shown in their movies. The fall of Jennifer and Needy’s friendship is also iconic because they truly go through some of the biggest trials any best friends could — with the added effect of Jennifer being a demonic creature.

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Fright Night Wins the Hottest Vampire Neighbor Award

Fright Night is another horror comedy film, featuring Colin Farrell as the sexy vampire that moves in next door. The premise features a teen named Charley (Anton Yelchin) who struggles to find his place in high school between the cool crowd and his dorky childhood best friend. Meanwhile, a strange man moves in next door, and Charley begins to realize odd things about him, eventually discovering he’s a full-on vampire. Jerry (Farrell) becomes a major threat to Charley’s family and girlfriend, and the protagonist must recruit the help of the famous but reluctant vampire hunter, Peter Vincent (David Tennant).

what makes Fright Night an excellent choice for a Halloween movie night is the mixture of comedy and horror that adds an extra layer of enjoyment. Farrell’s vampire is legitimately terrifying, but the film also plays on the fact that he’s incredibly good-looking. Meanwhile, Yelchin and Tennant serve as two other stand out characters to root for throughout the film. Jerry’s intimidating presence and horrifying true form can cause jumps and scares, making the movie an overall entertaining experience.

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Scream Remains the Ultimate Horror Classic

scream might be the most terrifying film on this list; although, it does include some moments of genuine humor. The slasher film contains a star-studded cast, including Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich and Drew Barrymore. The premise features Sidney Prescott (Campbell) a year after her mother was sexually assaulted and killed. Sidney struggles to move past what happened, and the trauma is amplified when she becomes the target of a new killer in town.

what makes scream an excellent Halloween movie choice is the overall quality of the movie. The movie is scary, and the premise is horrifying. The film pokes fun at itself, especially during the iconic scene where a group of teens discusses what they would do if they were ever in a horror movie. When the killers are revealed at the end of the film, it’s one of the most shocking moments in movie history, especially when they mock the death of Sidney’s mother. She gets her revenge, making the film an empowering one as well.

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