Hallmark announces Fall Into Love 2022 movies

Although the summer is very much still in full-swing, and there are plenty of barbecues, parties, and sun-filled good times left to be had, Hallmark is already eyeing up the next season. Autumn/Fall 2022 is coming up very soon, and this means the channel is keen to serve up a whole bunch of new movie premieres as part of its Fall Into Love 2022 collection.

this year, Hallmark will be serving up five brand-new movies for Fall, beginning with Love in the Limelight. This will be followed by Romance in Style, Dating the Delaneys, Game, Set, Loveand Marry Me in Yosemite.

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Love in the Limelight is the first movie and it will arrive on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday 6th August at 8pm ET/PT. The film stars real-life married couple, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, and boasts six original Spanglish songs, all penned by Carlos PenaVega.

The official description for Love in the Limelight reads: “As a teenager, Summer (Alexa PenaVega) was a devoted fan of the popular boy band the Mendez Boyz, especially Nick (Carlos PenaVega), their lead singer. After receiving a sweet fan letter from Summer, Nick decides to respond with a phone call, sparking the start of a friendship that’s lasted to this day.

“When Nick’s manager books a gig for him at a small venue in Summer’s hometown of Salt Lake City, where she now works in human resources at a local university, the two finally meet face-to-face. It’s clear their friendship has set the stage for romance.”

Love in the Limelight is from Crown Media Productions, with LLC. James Wilberger as executive producer and David Wulf as producer. Ron Oliver is on directing duties, working from a script by Willie Aames, Winnie Hung and Rich Tabach.

Oh, and if you LOVE a good love story, you might be interested to know that Love in the Limelight is inspired by the real-life love story of writers Willie Aames and his wife, Winnie Hung!

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Next up is Romance in Stylewhich makes its debut on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday August 13th at 8pm ET/PT. Romance in Style stars Jaicy Elliot, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and Candice Huffine.

The description for this movie reads as follows: “Ella (Elliot) is a confident and passionate aspiring plus-size fashion designer who wants to make clothing for women like herself. While working as a freelance seamstress at a high-profile fashion magazine, she meets the handsome and disarming Derek (Hollingsworth), the “Prince of Publishing,” who is working on taking over the magazine business from his father.

“Derek needs to learn the fashion business quickly and enlists Ella to show him the ropes. Ella and Derek come from two different worlds but are somehow drawn to one another.”

Romance in Style is directed by Michael Robison, from a script by Luther M. Mace and Karen Berger. The movie is from Dressed For Love Films Inc. and Just To Be Clear Productions Inc., with Joey Plager and Ellie Kanner as executive producers, Juliette Hagopian as producer, Michael Shepard as co-producer, and Elli Nakamichi as associate producer.

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The third movie in Hallmark’s Fall Into Love collection is Dating the Delaneyswhich airs on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday August 20th at 8pm ET/PT. The movie stars Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell.

The official description for Dating the Delaneys reads as follows: “Three generations of Delaney women explore the highs and lows of modern-day dating, learning that love and romance can be found at any age…and sometimes where you least expect it.”

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Movie number four is Game, Set, Love, which stars Davida Williams, Richard Harmon and Tracy Austin. The movie will air on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday August 27th at 8 ET/PT.

According to Hallmark, “former tennis pro Taylor reluctantly agrees to coach her friend and the “bad boy of tennis” Will, for a mixed doubles tournament, only to find there is a lot more to him than she thought.”

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And finally, the fifth movie in the Fall Into Love collection is Marry Me in Yosemitewhich will air on Saturday September 3rd at 8 ET/PT. The movie stars Cindy Busby and Tyler Harlow.

The plot description for this movie reads as follows: “Zoe, a notable photojournalist, visits Yosemite landscapes made famous by Ansel Adams. When she meets Jack, an intriguing tour guide, he opens her eyes to new adventures as they embark on a journey.”

With all the above movies on the horizon, plus plenty of old Hallmark favourites, the summer looks set to continue (and eventually end) in style. If you want to check out all these new movies, be sure to keep your TV on the Hallmark Channel over the next few Saturdays!


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