Grendel Star Promises Netflix’s Series Will Satisfy Fans of Matt Wagner’s Villain

Julian Black Antelope, who is slated to play Argent in the Netflix adaptation of Matt Wagner’s Boundaryis adamant that the upcoming show will please fans of the long-running independent comic book.

“It blew me away,” Black Antelope told ScreenRant when asked about the series. “Matt Wagner’s comic has been around since I think the early ’80s, 1982-83, somewhere in there. It’s come out with so many different versions of Grendel, different iterations of it over the years, and it’s got this fan base that I wasn’t even aware existed. Boundary comic fan out there and you’re familiar with the comic, you will not be disappointed in the series at all.”

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News of Netflix’s Boundary adaptation was first announced in September of last year, and principal photography commenced around the same time. Black Antelope did not comment on any timeline regarding the series’ release, but insisted that the show had everything that dedicated readers would want, and he felt “very blessed to be part of the project.”

“And if you are not a Boundary fan and this is a first-time thing for you, I guarantee you that if you watch it,” he continued. “You will not be disappointed at all… That’s what I can say. I don’t want to talk too much about it, I don’t know what I’m allowed to say and what I’m not.”

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Who Is Argent In The Grendel Comic Series?

Black Antelope’s character, Argent, has served as a classic recurring antagonist throughout the various iterations of lock. In the earliest comics, Argent was presented as the ultimate enemy of Hunter Rose, the assassin known as Grendel. As the series progressed, the character evolved into a half-Native American, half-wolf hybrid who had lived for hundreds of years, harbored a thirst for violence and turned his talents towards police work, assisting the authorities in putting a stop to Grendel’s criminal activities.

Matt Wagner’s Boundary has been in publication on and off since 1982. Originally released under Comico Comics, the series later moved to Dark Horse Comics. While there have been multiple wearers of the Grendel mask, Netflix’s adaptation focuses on the Hunter Rose version of the character and stars Abubakr Ali. Aside from Black Antelope, the series also features performances by Jaime Ray Newman, Madeline Zima, Kevin Corrigan, Emma Ho, Erik Palladino, Brittany Allen and Andy Mientus.

Source: ScreenRant

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