From Henry Cavill to Snoop Dogg, 5 celebrities who are gamers at heart

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they come in the form of mega celebrities. Yes, even big-name stars enjoy playing video games when they are not in the middle of shooting a movie or touring across the country for a music event.

Celebrity gamers have become increasingly common in the last couple of years as gaming is now viewed as a fun pastime instead of a time-consuming futile activity. Many well-known celebrity stars have talked about their love of video games. They have even released videos of themselves indulging in the habit, which has appeased their fans extensively.

While numerous celebrity stars identify as gamers, this article will list just a handful to give readers an idea that gaming is a hobby for people from all parts of life and not just for ones with an idle mind. So let’s take a look at five celebrities who are gamers at heart.

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5 celebrity stars who identify as gamers

1) Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill (Image via USA Today)BTS (Image via Billboard Magazine)Rosario Dawson (Image via Bustle)Jaime Lee Curtis (Image via Getty Images)Snoop Dogg (Image via Rolling Stone Magazine)

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