Fox Nation’s new series ‘Luxury Hunting Lodges of America’ explores most iconic hunting, fishing properties

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Fox Nation’s new series “Luxury Hunting Lodges of America” ​​is sure to capture the hearts of all outdoor enthusiasts across the country, exploring the most prestigious resort-like hunting and fishing accommodations from Louisiana to Wyoming.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich tours the most iconic locations, diving into the series beginning with Honey Brake Lodge, a 20,000 acre property offering world-class hunting and fishing opportunities in the Louisiana wetlands.

But Pavlich didn’t visit the deluxe lodge because of her love of venison or waterfowl. She scoured the property, instead, for alligators during the very slim open season.

“There are more gators swimming around here than I have ever seen in my life, but we’re looking for one sunning itself on the bank,” Pavlich said. “This way, we can confirm its size and ensure a lethal shot, and finally, after a long day of searching, we found the one.”


CEO of Honey Brake Lodge Drew Keeth hosts Pavlich during her stay, showing her the best of what the property has to offer.

The main lodge is over 13,000 square feet with a series of suites to accommodate families during their stay. There are three levels, with the top reserved for guests with breathtaking views.

“This is probably the most sought-after room obviously because of the view,” Keeth said as he shows Pavlich the East Suite, a spacious room overlooking the water.

But the luxurious accommodations don’t stop there.

Nestled in the wilderness are lakeside cabins that can house additional guests during their visit.


Honey Brake Lodge hosts around 1,500 hunters and fishers per year, across the 26 rooms, during the prime hunting season from September through February.

The lodge has hosted some of country music’s most iconic artists, including Jon Pardi, Riley Green, and Dylan Scott. Keeth said his “favorite” guest was the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

“We make our living off what we from Louisiana take for granted — the sunrises, the sunsets, the amount of wildlife that you’ll see, the amount of birds that you’ll see, the herons, the alligators – all that kind of stuff that most people aren’t fortunate enough to see,” Keeth said. “We’re trying to let as many people as possible see it and experience it.”

Be sure to watch episode 1 of “Luxury Hunting Lodges of America,” streaming now on Fox Nation, to see if Pavlich killed her first alligator.

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