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When you look at a celebrity (or niche microcelebrity), your first thought is probably not whether they can cook. But that’s exactly why Sausage Cooks in America exists. The show originally sought to find the worst home cooks in America but eventually began including some of these minor celebrities as well. This inclusion brought even more viewers to the show who recognized these people from their past endeavors and wondered if they could actually cook, enjoying theschadenfreude of watching famous people fail comically. Sausage Cooks in America has gotten so popular, it currently has a whopping 24 seasons.

Part of the popularity of the celebrity seasons lies in the pattern to its casting. It seems as though they try to pick a mix of beloved celebrities from one’s childhood to invoke nostalgia and pair them with controversial people who may up the viewership. It is up to you to decide where the people below fall on that scale, but it seems that this method works quite well for Sausage Cooks in Americaand the following celebrities tend to be fan-favorites.


5 Jenni “JWoww” Farley

Anyone who missed the cultural moment that was Jersey Shore may not recognize the name JWoww. Fans of the show know JWoww as a chaotic party girl who is always up for a good time. Fans may not know that JWoww is also not a great cook. since Jersey Shore ended quite a few years ago, JWoww has taken the time to build a family and move on from her party girl days. This personal growth seems to include becoming a better cook and going as far as to win her season of Sausage Cooks.

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Outside of her appearance on Sausage Cooks, JWoww has made an effort to stay out of the spotlight and focus on her personal life instead. JWoww has come a very long way from her Jersey Shore days, but she can never truly put the shore behind her.

4 Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson a la Girls Next Door fame appeared on the same season of Sausage Cooks as JWoww. Wilkinson was a Playboy bunny for many years and appeared on girls next door, a show about some of the girls who lived in the Playboy mansion. Wilkinson then went on to appear in other reality shows and has been on them consistently for many years. Thus, it was not a big surprise to see Wilkinson on Sausage Cooks, as it immediately becomes clear that she’s a bad cook.

Over time, though, Wilkinson did quite well on her season and was neck and neck with JWoww until the finale when Wilkinson lost. After her appearance on Sausage Cooks,Wilkinson has focused more on her personal life away from cameras and assumedly cooked for her family a bit more often.

3 Nicole Sullivan

You may not recognize Nicole Sullivan by her name, but she is quite the prominent sitcom actor; from her frequently funny moments on the classic sketch comedy show MADtv to her work on classic family sitcoms like King of Queens, she has probably graced your screen before. She played the comedic relief best friend in King of Queensa role beloved by fans, and thus it was exciting for her to appear on Sausage Cookswhere she was frequently the funniest cook in the room.

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Sullivan was very successful among other bad celebrity cooks and made it to the finals of her season. Sadly, Sullivan lost out to a formidable competitor, Perez Hilton. Since her appearance on the show, fans have most recently seen Sullivan on the virtual table read of King of Queens that was done to raise money for charity.

2 Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton, king of trashy celebrity gossip, has now become king of being the best of the worst cooks. Many people do not know Hilton by his face, more so by his name, which is actually not even real. Hilton chose the name to sound more important, especially in the celebrity gossip world in which you have to know someone to get good gossip. Hilton is not exactly known as a great person, but apparently, he is not known as a good cook either. However, Hilton went as far as to win his season of the show and become the best of the worst celebrity cooks. Maybe Hilton should go back to focusing on cooking instead of spreading gossip about minors and trying to ruin careers.

1 Tonya Harding

yes, that Tonya Harding was on Sausage Cooks in America. It’s hard to think that being a bad cook is the worst thing she’s done in her life, but that is beside the point. Prior to her appearance on Sausage Cooks, Harding was on Dancing with the Stars in which she went quite far with her partner Sasha Farber.

Both of these appearances came soon after the release of I, Tonya in 2018. The release of the film thrust Harding back into the spotlight which she was more than willing to appease. During this time, Harding appeared on many red carpets, did many interviews about the film and her skating career, and made multiple reality TV appearances. In fact, Harding went as far as to win her season of Sausage Cooks and finally get the crown she has wanted for so many years.

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