Fall Guys Celebrates Anniversary With Adorable Custom Xbox Series S

The official Fall Guys Twitter page has announced an anniversary contest to win a custom Fall Guys Xbox Series S controller and system.

The creators of Fall Guys have announced a contest to win a custom Xbox Series S system, to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the launch of the game. Fall Guys launched on August 4, 2020, where it managed to become a hit under a perfect storm of circumstances, similar to the ones experienced by Among Us and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Fall Guys launched during the pandemic and was available as a PlayStation Plus game at launch. This meant that the game had a massive captive audience, who fell in love with its chaotic multiplayer minigames, especially at a time when people had to be kept apart. Fall Guys has received a ton of QoL upgrades and new events since launch, yet enthusiasm for the game died down, as streamers moved onto different titles, and people became able to leave their houses again. A recent shift to a free-to-play model has seen a resurgence of interest in Fall Guyswith player numbers skyrocketing across the world.


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The shift to free-to-play also meant that Fall Guys arrived on Xbox systems, as well as Nintendo Switch and PS5. To celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of fall guys, the official Fall Guys Twitter page has announced a contest to win a custom Fall Guys Xbox Series S system. the Fall Guys Xbox Series S console itself is designed to look like a playable bean, with the central fan featuring an eye pattern that resembles Fall Guys‘ iconic player characters, and the system is colored pink with blue lightning bolts.

Fall Guys Takes Its Custom Xbox Series S To Twitter

In order to take part in the contest and win a Fall Guys Xbox Series S system, all entrants need to be following the official Twitter account and they need to retweet with the hashtag #FallGuysAnniversaryCustomXboxGiveaway. The contest is running until August 8, so fans need to act quickly if they want to be in with a chance of winning. The system also comes with a Fall Guys custom controller, which is colored blue and gold, with the symbol of a Crown engraved upon it.

It’s odd that Fall Guys is celebrating its second anniversary with an Xbox Series S, as the game wasn’t on Xbox systems when it launched, and the Xbox Series S wasn’t even out yet. The developers might have wanted to give something better than a PS4 to the fans, and they (like the rest of the world) might have struggled to acquire a PS5 for the giveaway. Regardless, a custom Fall Guys Xbox Series S is still a great prize for anyone to receive, especially with the fan shape being the perfect choice to make a system look like one of the famous Fall Guys bean people.

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source: Fall Guys/Twitter

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