Exclusive: Predator Series In Development

By James Brizuela | Published

predator series

prey has become a massive success, achieving the huge record of being the most viewed property on Hulu in the history of the streaming platform. It is also sitting at a 92% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the highest critically acclaimed movie in the Predator franchise. Quite honestly, the movie has opened a whole new way to tell the story of an alien race that hunts the biggest game it can find. Now, through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that a predator series is in the works for Disney+. This new series will attempt to capture the teen demographic.

To be honest, it is a bit strange that the franchise is going to be targeting the teen demographic, considering that every single Predator property has been R-Rated. It seems like a step back to give everyone the greatness that is prey, then immediately work on something that is going to go in a reverse way. However, we don’t know the details of the plot, so it could end up connecting to a larger universe that we don’t currently know about. For all we know, there could be some teens in a different time that are experiencing what Naru did in prey. If Dan Trachtenberg is involved in this predator series, we will give him our full faith.

The franchise has seemingly been restarted with Trachtenberg’s take on the franchise. Instead of continuing the trend of soldiers fighting a Predator in space or on earth, the timeline went backward to a time when the first specials of Predator touched down on our planet to place itself at the top of the food chain. However, the alien hunter found itself in trouble when coming against the might of the Comanche warriors. We would love to see the franchise continue in this manner. Imagine a Predator vs Samurai or a Predator vs Gunslingers in the Wild West. We don’t necessarily see that happening in this new predator series, but it would be amazing to see. There are some craft teenagers out there, so we could be seeing how a group bands together to take down the threat of a Predator. We just hope it’s not meant to add some sort of comic relief to the franchise.

This new predator series could continue the horror science fiction style that it has and have these teens fighting and running for their lives. They must do what they must in order to survive. It could end up being quite an emotional series. However, being that it is on Disney+, we are not sure how gory or adult the series can be in targeting the teen demographic.

We are going to hold out hope for this predator series, especially in that it can capture the same kind of magic that prey has. Everyone now feels as though the franchise has been restarted the correct way, and a presumably PG-13 series might not be the right course of action following such a great prequel film. Disney+ has been allowing much more adult content on its platform lately, so we can hope that the new series will be a bit more adult.

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