Everything to Remember Before the Anime Continues in Fall 2022

Spy x Family was Spring 2022’s definitive breakout hit, and it’s not hard to see why. With its clever writing, likable cast, and stunning animation, Spy x Family has a lot to offer for any new or long-time anime fan. While the first cour may have ended earlier this year, the story isn’t over yet.

The second court is scheduled for release in the upcoming fall season. With such an entertaining and loaded story, there are sure to be a few key points that have been forgotten in the Forger family’s absence.

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What is Spy x Family About?

Spy x Family follows a family that is rather unassuming to the outside world, however, each of the Forgers is hiding a major secret from one another. Loid Forger, or “Twilight” as he’s known by his colleagues, is an international spy that’s never had a failed mission. Yor Forger is a somewhat airheaded office worker, but when the work clothes come off, she becomes a deadly assassin.

Finally, there’s their daughter Anya. An adorable orphan that loves peanuts and watching spy shows. She’s also a telepath, and the only one in the family that’s aware of her parent’s identities. While Loid and Yor are putting up with the charade for their own personal reasons, Anya is having the time of her life knowing that her new parents have the coolest jobs in the world. Little do Loid and Yor know, they’re adjusting to this newfound family dynamic a little too well.

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​​​The Supporting Cast

Aside from the Forger family, there are other key characters introduced throughout Spy x Family. Damian Desmond, son of Donovan Desmond, Twilight’s current target. His main goal is to get close to him, and the easiest way to do that is to have his daughter become friends with Damian. Unfortunately, none of Anya’s attempts to get close to Damian ever seem to go her way. Although he doesn’t exactly hate her.

Yuri Briar is Yor’s overprotective younger brother. Unbeknownst to his beloved older sister, Yuri is a member of the secret police, and is no stranger to violence or torture. As all men have weaknesses, Yuri’s happens to his sister. His seemingly calm demeanor breaks whenever Yor is involved, and any good judgment he may have left is immediately thrown out the window. While Loid often feels as though he has to stay on his toes around the younger man, it’s quickly established that he’s not much of a threat if he’s had one too many drinks.

Finally, there are Franky and Becky. Franky is a trusted work associate of Loid whose always ready to lend a helping hand, especially if it involves cash. His role in the story is to act as comic relief, a job that he often seems to embrace, especially around Anya. Becky, on the other hand, is a wealthy young girl that attends Eden Academy. She quickly becomes Anya’s closest friend from the very first day of school and is always the first to back her up whenever Damian and his lackeys antagonize her.

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Where Did it Leave Off?

The final episode of the first court was actually based on a bonus chapter of the manga. Because of this, the nature of the episode’s plot may come off as a filler episode to anime-only viewers. It follows the Forger family on an outing to an aquarium that quickly goes awry once Loid is informed of a potential threat hiding within the penguin exhibit. Despite the potential dangers present, the episode’s tone remains lighthearted throughout and does a great job showcasing the strong, heartwarming bond that’s developed between the Forger family.

Before finally saying good night and goodbye to Spy x Family‘s faithful audience, the show teases the introduction of a new addition to the family. A big, adorable dog that seems to have special powers not unlike Anya. As to how and when this new member will be integrated into the family, fans will have to tune in to the next cour to find out.

There are many plot threads still left hanging within the overarching plot, as well as hints at new story arcs that could develop in the future. With the manga still ongoing, there’s plenty of material to cover. If autumn feels too far away, the manga is available to read for free on the Shonen Jump manga app.

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