Every Celebrity Relative Revealed So Far

Seven cast members are revealing their celebrity family member on Claim to Fame. Some are obvious to viewers while others are quite shocking.

Hulu’s reality competition series Claim to Fame is a hit, and there have been several unexpected celebrity relatives revealed so far. The show started with twelve cast members who are all related to a celebrity in some way, trying to keep their identity a secret. They are also playing sleuths as they try to expose their fellow cast members into revealing their family connection, letting fans at home try to put the puzzle pieces together as well.

Joe and Frankie Jonas are the two hosts of the series, as the Jonas Brothers are famous siblings, and Frankie is also a musician in his own right. Claim to Fame has been called desperate, as it is meant to give the cast a chance to shine on their own after living in their celebrity relative’s shadow, but it is still all about the celebrity. The show has had some heartfelt moments, as they humanize celebrities and offer glimpses about what celebrities are like when they are just people.


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seven Claim to Fame cast members have revealed who their celebrity relatives are. Maxwell Norris was the first person eliminated from the show, and if the last name did not give it away, he is the grandson of the legendary Chuck Norris. Maxwell’s shocking elimination happened because he got disqualified for breaking the show’s rules when he brought in a secret cell phone. Maxwell is not the only grandchild of a celebrity, as Amara Skye revealed that her grandmother is none other than Whoopi Goldberg.

Amara Claim to Fame

Brittany Favre’s celebrity relative on Claim to Fame has also been revealed, and she is former NFL Packers quarterback Brett Favre’s daughter. The cast was also given the option to change their name to help conceal their identity on the show, which some contestants took advantage of. “Louise” is actually Adria Biles, and she is the spitting image of her Olympic gymnast sister, Simone Biles. “X” is M Lamar, the stage name for Laverne Cox’s identical twin brother.

“Michael” is the fake name for Cubb Coleman, who is Zendaya’s cousin. Keke Palmer’s older sister, Loreal Palmer, is also on the show, though she told the rest of the cast that her name is “LC.” There are still five cast members who have not had their celebrity relative revealed, and fans are eager to find out who each of them is related to. some Claim to Fame viewers have their guesses about the remaining cast, like Lark Skov being related to supermodel Cindy Crawford, though it has yet to be confirmed.

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