Evan Peters’ Jeffrey Dahmer Series Roasted by Twitter: “ENOUGH”

Evan Peters is giving the very first glimpse at his terrifying take on Jeffrey Dahmer, much to the delight and disgust of the internet. the American Horror Story actor is reuniting with Ryan Murphy in the upcoming Netflix series Dahmerin which Peters stars as the infamous serial killer.

The streamer shared a fresh teaser for Dahmer — which was originally titled Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story — today, giving a preview of Evans in the chilling series on the Netflix website. The clip is brief, but it captures the eerie mood of the show.

Evans appears close up with the camera focused on his eyes behind Dahmer’s famous glasses. As the image zooms in, Dahmer’s pupils appear in full detail, revealing the blood-red rim and veins surrounding them. We’re sucked further into Dahmer’s dark eyes, which turn black as the teaser ends with a click.

Netflix’s clip reveals little about Dahmer‘s plot, but that didn’t stop the internet discourse. Not long after the first peek at Peters was released, Twitter began to bubble up with chatter about the series, with a handful of users tweeting that they can’t wait to see it, but plenty more wondering why the streamer was releasing another story about Dahmer.

“Netflix… actually, all media companies, I’m saying this as a true crime fan… ENOUGH DAHMER MOVIES,” one wrote.

Another questioned the “obsession” audiences have with serial killers, tweeting, “they make netflix series and movies about dahmer and bundy and cast good actors to play them. Like these dudes are straight up serial killers. Stop glorifying it.”

Indeed, Peters is the latest in a pretty substantial pool of actors who’ve portrayed Dahmer. Not long before him, Ross Lynch starred in My Friend Dahmera 2017 film about the killer based on the John “Derf” Backderf graphic novel of the same name.

Long before Peters or Lynch stepped into the role, Jeremy Renner also played Dahmer in the 2002 film Dahmer.

Murphy’s Dahmer doesn’t have an official Netflix premiere date yet, but the streamer promises the miniseries is coming soon — and when it does, you can bet there will be even more online chatter.


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