Emma Corrin Is a New Kind of Red Carpet Risk-Taker

When Emma Corrin was cast as Princess Diana in The Crown in April 2019, the first question that might have sprung to mind was where this Cambridge graduate with just a few IMDb credits to their name had come from. The second question, though, was whether this would be a genuine “star is born” moment. Could Corrin bring this iconic public figure vividly back to life while avoiding being pigeonholed?

Nobody needed to worry about the latter. As quickly as the rave reviews Corrin received for their performance in The Crown arrived—plus the Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination that followed—so did an array of equally intriguing new projects, including an adaptation of the novel My Policeman opposite Harry Styles, a fresh spin on Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and the lead in Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij’s highly-anticipated return to TV after the untimely cancellation of the OA, titled retreat.

The eclectic range of roles Corrin has lined up speak not only to their talents as an actor, but also to their off-screen charisma. Over the past few years, Corrin has become not just one of Hollywood’s most exciting emerging talents, but also an important voice willing to speak about their queer identity with honesty and warmth. Still, Corrin’s laser-focused eye for fashion has become the perfect means of expressing it.

It’s a vision they first began honey in earnest with the help of their stylist, Harry Lambert, whose savvy and sensitive approach to styling has built up Corrin’s reputation as a fashion darling. “What’s exciting about working with Emma is that they’re a risk-taker,” Lambert told vogueEmma Specter for Corrin’s August issue cover story. “They want to have fun. They’re excited by fashion. They’re not scared of it.”

So when the first major press tour the pair collaborated on rolled around—namely, that for the fourth season of The Crown—Lambert and Corrin were primed and ready. The only challenge? The show premiered in November of 2020, meaning the entire promotional trail had to take place online.

That didn’t prove to be an issue for Corrin and Lambert, though. Not only did Corrin continue to deliver looks all the way through their Zoomed-in appearances on late-night talk shows and virtual premieres, but they decided to photograph the entire run of outfits they had planned for the press tour (had it happened IRL) and then publish said outfits on British Vogue. It was a veritable fashion fiesta.

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