Driftwood Animated Sci-fi Adventure Movie Greenlit at HBO, Cartoon Network

HBO Max and Cartoon Network are building on their original content with an all-new 90-minute animated film from Victor Courtwrightthe mind behind Aquaman: King of Atlantis. driftwood is one of two new properties at Cartoon Network Studios alongside Invincible Fight Girl that looks to bring new creators into the forefront and continue the studio’s original content push.

The logline describes driftwood as “an animated space opera with big laughs, heart, and adventure the whole family can enjoy.” Set in a decaying forest society under the thumb of an evil organization that produces the toxic fuel source they’re so dependent on, the film follows the tiny mouse-like Clover on his journey through space to find the city of Driftwood. The fabled city is the last free city in the known universe and supposedly holds the key to safe and sustainable fuel production. Overlord Thorn, the ruler of nearly all of society, will use everything at their disposal however to eradicate both Clover and Driftwood to maintain their power. It’s up to Clover and his new friends Marigold and Caspia to stop Thorn once and for all and protect the last bastion of a free society.


following the announcement, Sam Register, the President of Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation, released a statement celebrating the new productions:

Cartoon Network Studios is a creator-driven studio and these two projects underscore our commitment to being the home for artists to tell bold and original stories. Victor Courtright has created an imaginative world in driftwood that will transport audiences to an entirely new universe. And Juston Gordon-Montgomery has put together one of the most charming, aspirational and simply funny ideas for a children’s animated series with Invincible Fight Girlin which the underdog group of characters are absolutely irresistible.”

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Courtwright is writing and executive producing the new feature film. He’s been involved with a number of prominent cartoons out there as of late with writing credits on ThunderCats Roar and Pickle & Peanut as well as animation work on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Yo Gabba Gabba!. This will be his first time working on a feature film, however.

Since taking the reins of the studio, Register has been hard at work trying to keep the innovation that has made Cartoon Network a household name, albeit for a new streaming age. Under his leadership, the network is bringing back the anthology Cartoon Cartoons which helped spawn a number of the channel’s greatest hits when originally airing in the 1990s including Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Powerpuff Girlsand Dexter’s Laboratory. The hope is to recapture the magic and test ideas that can become the next great show on the network.

Amy Friedman, the Head of Kids and Family Programming at Warner Bros. praised Cartoon Network’s continued push towards offering original content for people of all ages:

“Cartoon Network has always been home base for kids and families to discover off-the-wall shows that have become iconic classics. With HBO Max as a growing kids and family destination, Sam and his brilliant studio teams will expand our reach to showcase even more epic, heartwarming, and hysterical adventures like these new upcoming originals.”

Currently, there’s no word on when driftwood will be released.

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