Disney+’s National Treasure Series Connects To The Films, But What’s The Deal With Nic Cage?

The streaming service Disney+ has allowed several classic series to find new life, sometimes by bringing back original franchise stars (like when Emilio Estevez returned to The Mighty Ducks… temporarily), and sometimes starting completely over with new faces. Check out the 2021 series Turner & Hooch if you want to see what that movie might look like without Tom Hanks. Another classic franchise is going to get revived when National Treasure: Edge of History land on the streaming servicebut what role – if any – if movie series star Nicolas Cage going to have?

The cast and creative team behind the upcoming National Treasure: Edge of History made the rounds at San Diego Comic-Con in July, teasing the type of globetrotting adventure that fans of the treasure-seeking storylines can expect. A lot of details were shown in this making of clipbut it was executive producer Marianne Wibberley who connected the dots between the two Nicolas Cage movies and this new series, telling CinemaBlend:

It’s an extension. It’s an expansion of the universe, set 17 years later. Peter Sadusky (Harvey Keitel) is 17 years older. Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) has published two more books, (and) has a podcast. Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) is a big rock star in this world. He’s a treasure hunter rock star. He’s not IN the show. Sorry. We’re still trying to reel him in for (something). But, you know, it’s still the same. It’s just a younger cast, and we have cameos by characters in the movies, but a young cast with female-centric stories.

It makes sense, sort of, that Nicolas Cage wouldn’t be in the cards for the first season of National Treasure: Edge of History, so that the new show can establish its own cast and get its legs underneath itself from a story perspective. the Disney+ show isn’t lacking for star power. In addition to the aforementioned Justin Bartha and Harvey Keitelthe new show is bringing on Catherine Zeta-Jones in a significant role, and we anticipate her making things very difficult for our next generation of treasure hunters.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in National Treasure: Edge of History

(Image credit: Disney+)

But, how exciting would it be if future Disney+ seasons of National Treasure: Edge of History eventually came up with a storyline where the new cast of treasure seekers had to cross over with “rock star” Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) to complete a mission that catapults them around the globe? there have been rumors of a planned National Treasure 3 for years, and Cage has opened up about the candid reasons it hasn’t happened yet. However, plugging Cage into an existing streaming series is an easier way for fans to get another blast of Cage in this classic role, without committing himself to a full-blown theatrical experience.

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