Diane Keaton body swap comedy forgot the laughs

The forever luminous Diane Keaton is stuck in a turkey in “Mack & Rita,” a bizarro body-swap comedy that she gives her all, despite it being well-below her pedigree.

Keaton is Rita, the alter ego — or something — of Mack (Elizabeth Lail), a 30-year-old raised by her grandmother who has always been fixed on fast-forwarding to the end of her life, when she can lounge around, take long naps and eat late breakfasts with friends and not have to worry about any of the trivialities of career management, dating or socializing that occupies one’s 30s.

Diane Keaton in

While at a bachelorette party in Palm Springs for her friend Carla (Taylour Paige), Mack goes into a roadside tent to have her aura read by a spiritual huckster named Luca (Simon Rex), and in a turn of events the film is too lazy to explain, Mack becomes Rita. And when she tries to turn back (can she? Are there rules to this? What’s going on?), Luca is long gone.

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