Demon Slayer Characters Who Could Lead a Spinoff Series

In most cases, a protagonist is the driving force behind an anime’s success story. However, sometimes the narrative produces such strong characters that the supporting cast’s personalities, backstories or character arcs also catch the fans’ attention. Demon Slayer is certainly among those series that manage to bombard its audience with many intriguing characters.

As one of the sweetest and most beloved shonen protagonists, Tanjiro Kamado is definitely among the reasons why Demon Slayer has secured a spot at the top so quickly. Whether it is through his compassion toward his sister and friends — sometimes even toward demons — his indestructible will or his heartbreaking backstory, Tanjiro is one of those protagonists fans will never forget. However, the series has a wide range of colorful characters who could fill Tanjiro’s shoes. Here are five from Demon Slayer who could also be protagonists and lead their own spin-off series.

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Tengen Uzui Could Easily Have His Own Harem Anime

Tengen Uzui’s popularity among Demon Slayer fans is beyond dispute. Although the fact that he has three wives has caused some controversy, his eccentric and flashy personality, confidence and his caring side made both readers and viewers fall in love with him.

It is perfectly possible to imagine the flamboyant Tengen Uzui leading his own harem/romcom/shonen spin-off with his three wives, Makio, Suma and Hinatsuru. Now, who wouldn’t want to see this god-like hashira picking fights with demons, slaying them, and occasionally courting his wives?

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Shinobu Kocho Is a Source of Inspiration for Women of All Ages

From the moment she first appeared, Demon Slayer fans have enshrined Shinobu Kocho in their hearts. Her silky voice, mesmerizing looks and intense hatred toward the demons — which she hides behind her tranquil demeanor — are only some of the qualities that make her such a compelling character.

It is revealed in the anime that her parents were slaughtered right before her eyes, which makes Shinobu another character who has a sad backstory. It is also worth remembering that she is the creator — and the only user — of the Insect-Breathing technique. Shinobu has the potential to carry her own narrative for that reason alone — viewers could witness her past and how she developed her unique breathing style.

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The Flame Hashira Has Left Demon Slayer Fans Wanting More

Picturing the optimistic, powerful and intelligent Kyojuro Rengoku as a protagonist is not a distant dream since there is already a spin-off starring Demon Slayer‘s Flame Hashira. Although he had to leave the original series a bit early and made fans shed gallons of tears, an upcoming spin-off manga focusing on Rengoku was announced shortly after the mainline series’ final chapter was released.

Like with many other characters, the original series has shown some aspects of Rengoku’s past to the viewers/readers; however, a work that’s solely devoted to the beloved Flame Pillar is certainly most welcome.

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Nezuko Kamado Deserves More Attention

Although Nezuko is as popular as her brother Tanjiro — maybe even more so — and always next to him, it would still be amazing to watch a spin-off where she is the center of the story, not just with her physical presence or as a plot device.

Demon Slayer is known for its fantastic and dynamic characters with lots of layers. However, the fact that Nezuko has no dream or goals of her own — other than an intuitive protectiveness toward “family” — makes her a flattish character. A series where Nezuko’s experience is discussed in more detail from her own point of view would make a great spin-off.

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The Villainous Muzan Would Make a Perfect Protagonist

Muzan Kibutsuji is the most powerful demon and the story’s primary antagonist. He was extremely weak and unhealthy as a full-fledged human; after he became a demon, however, he murdered almost the entire Kamado family and basically became the catalyst of the entire story of Demon Slayer. Still, watching him in his own show where he is the lead protagonist would be an unmatched experience.

There are some series where the protagonist is evil, but it is always interesting to look into the mind of a villain. A spin-off where the viewers/readers follow the specific story of Muzan from his days as a human sounds exciting.

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