Crunchyroll Merges With Anime Store, Right Stuf

Crunchyroll is one of the premiere streaming services when it comes to the world of anime. With the platform recently being acquired by Sony Entertainment and merging with Funimation, it would appear that Crunchyroll has acquired another major player in the medium. Earlier today, the streaming service announced that I had acquired Right Stuf, one of the biggest anime merchandise retailers in the world today. Crunchyroll Expo is currently underway so expect more news about the platform and the anime franchises that are a part of it in the coming days.

Following the merger with Funimation, Crunchyroll was able to acquire some movers and shakers within the medium such as Dragon Ball, Cowboy Bebop, Kingdom, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tokyo Ghoul, and countless others. With Crunchyroll Expo taking place as we speak in San Jose, California, expect plenty of news to be released when it comes to the future of the streaming service in the next few days.

Crunchyroll broke the news via its Official Twitter Account, showing that the streaming service appears to be making serious moves when it comes to its reputation as one of the biggest anime companies in the world today:

The current Chief Executive Officer of Right Stuf, Shawne Klechner, had this to say about merging with Crunchyroll:

“For 35 years, Right Stuf’s mission has been to connect anime fans with the products they love. Joining forces with Crunchyroll allows us to accelerate and scale this effort more than ever before. There has never been a more exciting time to be an anime fan than today!”

The medium of anime has been skyrocketing in popularity, thanks in part to the number of series and movies released in the past few years along with a serious boost that was assisted, in part, by the coronavirus pandemic and its effects.

Here’s how Crunchyroll described Right Stuf, hot on the heels of this merger:

“Founded in 1987, Right Stuf is a leading consumer source for anime pop culture merchandise online. By visiting its eCommerce portal, enthusiasts and collectors can find thousands of products, including Blu-rays, manga books, music, figurines, collectibles, and more . Right Stuf also offers licensed anime home video products through its own label.”

What do you think of Crunchyroll’s acquisition of Right Stuf? Do you foresee Crunchyroll picking up any other anime companies in the near future? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime.


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