CHIEF OF STATION: Alec Baldwin Will Be Back on Screen in an Upcoming Action/Suspense Picture

Alec Baldwin Close Up

Alec Baldwin To Star In Forthcoming Spy Picture

Alec Baldwin will be back on the screen in the upcoming action/adventure movie called Chief of Station.

Alec Baldwin may have found himself at the center of controversy over the recent events that transpired on the set of Peace but he’s still working steadily. Baldwin has been cast in the upcoming movie, Chief of Station in which he will play opposite action star/sex symbol Olga Kurylenko.


Jesse V. Johnson is set to helm Chief of Station for Bee Holder and Concourse Media. This upcoming movie is going to be set in various places in Europe and will film later in the year in Budapest, according to Deadline. Baldwin will serve as a retired CIA Station Chief who discovers his wife was murdered. Conspiracies and a sexy woman (Kuylenko) will come into play as the plot of the film unfolds. Director Johnson is known for the recently Bruce Willis picture titled, White Elephant. That movie also starred Kurylenko.

Baldwin, himself, has had a very distinct, long-lasting career which was launched back in the late 1980’s when he starred in the hit comedy, beetlejuice in which he played against the likes of Michael Keaton and Geena Davis. Baldwin became known for serious and comedic roles and thrived playing significant roles in movies such as It’s Complicated and Blue Jasmine. When Baldwin appeared on the poster of It’s Complicated next to the legendary Meryl Streep, it was the high point of a prolific career.

One of Baldwin’s best roles to date was as the Teacher in the mid-1990’s movie, The Juror. Baldwin portrayed a terrifying part in that picture which also starred Demi Moore who was somewhere near the peak of her fame at the time.

Let’s not forget Baldwin’s turn as the voice of Boss Baby which made him a legend to kids of all ages! Still, Baldwin is most prominently known for spy thrillers like The Hunt for Red October where he played Jack Ryan. That film which starred Sean Connery actually launched Baldwin into the world of prestige action movies and it sounds like Chief of Station is going to be in the vein of that movie. With the female action star Kurylenko offering a fun sounding part in the movie, it sounds like this new upcoming picture will have much appeal to a large demographic of film watchers.

Despite any real life tragedy Baldwin has become immersed in, recent career moves make Baldwin seem like a top candidate to draw viewers into his current work. Chief of Station is eagerly awaited by fans of the always intriguing and charismatic actor.

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