Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date Announced

The highly anticipated anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga is set to premiere this Fall.

The fall 2022 anime season is one of the most highly anticipated of the year, with plenty of long-awaited series part of its lineup. Now, the most anticipated anime of the year, chainsaw man, will be part of the schedule. The series is slated to premiere sometime in October.

The announcement was made during a MAPPA-hosted event for the anime, where a new promo video and cast details were revealed alongside the October premiere window.

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Chainsaw Man follows the story of protagonist Denji. The story is set in a world where monsters called devils exist. Devils are born from the fears of human and the more fear that devil incites the more powerful it becomes. When Denji dies, he makes a contract with a devil in order to be reborn as a human with a devil’s heart. The announcement is one that was supposed to come during Anime Expo earlier this year, but was ultimately pushed back due to the trailer not being completed in time. Prior to that, the team working on the anime already released a trailer and a key visual.


The trailer shows off some stunning visuals accompanied by an engaging score. The character designs are also looking manga accurate while capturing the personality and flair of each individual one. It’s clear that the team did not want to make an announcement for the anime without having everything prepared, allowing the announcement to be as exciting as possible for fans.

The anime will be streamed on Crunchyroll when it is released in October. An English dub will also be released sometime later as well as a German, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and French dub. The staff lineup for Chainsaw Man is impressive, featuring industry veterans who have worked on shows such as Devilman crybaby, Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Cloverand Vinland Saga.

As for the series’ cast, Kikunosuke Toya will star as Denji, with Tomori Kusunoki (Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Wonder Egg Priority) voice Makima. Shogo Sakata (Shaman King 2021, Fairy Ranmaru) and Fairouz Ai (Tokyo Revengers, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean) will voice Aki Hayakawa and Power, respectively. The anime will also have a world premiere at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on September 19.

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source: Twitter/CHAINSAWMAN_PR

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