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It’s difficult to imagine a time when Cedric The Entertainer wasn’t a part of our lives. The multi-hyphenated performer is more than just a comedian. He’s a successful actor, entrepreneur, and producer. He’s currently starring in CBS’s hit comedy series “The Neighborhood,” which is in its fifth season. The comedian became a household name after appearing on “ComicView,” the legendary “Def Comedy Jam,” as well as the groundbreaking “Kings of Comedy” tour.

Over the years, he has given us some amazing characters such as “Cedric Jackie Robinson” on “The Steve Harvey Show” and Eddie Walker in “Barbershop” and the successful sequel.

In recent years, he’s added producer to his long list of accomplishments in the entertainment industry. He currently produces the Bounce TV show “Johnson” and not only stars in but is also one of the executive producers of “The Neighborhood.”

While Cedric the Entertainer has dabbled in a variety of forms of entertainment, his first love remains stand-up comedy, and he will be performing in Philadelphia on Aug. 6 at Live! Casino and Hotel.

The comedian said his unique journey has prepared him for this point in his career.

“It’s been great. It’s one of consistency and growth. Starting out as the partner in “The Steve Harvey Show” and going on to do movies likes “The Johnson Family” and “Barbershop films.” Of course, now building my own brand from “The Soul Man” to now, “The Neighborhood,” the comedian said.

One of his many projects is the upcoming, “First Reformed.” The film tells the story of a Protestant priest Reverend Ernst Toller(Ethan Hawke) who has doubts about his faith at Abundant Life, a megachurch in the suburbs. Cedric portrayed the lead pastor. He acts as a guide for Hawke’s character. He went into detail about how he came to be in the movie.

“Paul Schrader is one of our American classic writers and directors. So, when I had an opportunity to audition for him, he wanted to cast differently. He wanted someone that was believable in our community when you saw them on screen that they were respected and honored. He wanted someone that would be believeable. With my name he wanted to use my government name because he didn’t want people to have expectations that I would tell jokes.”

He added “I’ve always portrayed characters that had a sincere personality. Of course a pastor has that leadership, that parental personality to the whole community. That’s what I’ve really tried to latch on to in playing these characters, especially playing across someone so great as Ethan Hawke. ”

On “The Neighborhood,” he’s putting a different version of Black fatherhood on the screen. We also see friendship between two men that are extremely different in Calvin and Dave during a time when America is so divided.

Cedric stated “It was done intentionally, the friendship of Calvin and Dave. We first came on during the height of the Trump administration and the world was very polarized. We wanted to show how someone comes into your world and you have to figure out how to get along with them.”

Another strength of Cedric’s is that he uses everyday life in his stand-up, from how his children are experiencing a privileged upbringing to generational differences.

“Observational humor has been a part of my stand-up since the very beginning. It’s looking at what’s going on at work and making it absurd, so we can have fun,” he shared.

Cedric the Entertainer’s performance in Philadelphia will also be fashion forward. The entertainer is well-known for his impeccable style, particularly his hat collection. He explained “it comes from my hometown St. Louis.”

For information or to buy tickets and see what he will be wearing, visit philadelphia.livecasinohotel.com.


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