CBS2 Investigates: Experts react to celebrities using excessive water amid drought restrictions

A CBS2 Investigation into some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities found many of them using more water than they should and violating water district rules in their multimillion dollar mansions. Now, some water environmentalists are concerned.

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“It’s unconscionable right now when you’re dealing with the drought in Southern California,” Steve Creech, who promotes clean water as the President of the Wyland Foundation, told CBS2 Investigative Reporter David Goldstein.

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian was one of many celebrities CBS2 found overusing water.

Water records obtained by CBS2 Investigates show Kourtney Kardashian’s $8 million home using 245% of its allotted water budget in May, the fourth month it went over budget since water restrictions were implemented in December.

In Kardashian’s $8 million Calabasas home, water records from the Las Virgenes Water District, obtained by CBS2 Investigates, show the home using 245% of its allotted water budget in May. That was the fourth month it went over budget since severe drought restrictions were put in place in December.

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Superstar Sylvester Stallone’s home was also on the list. His $18 million mansion used 351% of its allotted water budget in May, also the fourth month it went over budget.

Asked if that’s something he could dismiss, whether it’s a celebrity or an average person, the water environmentalist didn’t hesitate.

“No, absolutely not,” Creech said. “If you’re going over that by, you know, 200%, 300%, you’re really overusing your share of water. There’s no way around it.”

Water flow restrictor put on some homes that use more than the allotted amount of water for more than four months.


The district slashed each homeowners water budget by 50% in response to severe drought conditions. Anyone going over the budget two or more months faces a fine.

After four months, they may put a water restrictor on your water pipe to cut water flow and force you to conserve.

“We have to adapt and that means everybody, from the wealthiest…and the wealthiest have more means to adapt,” Creech said.

Sylvester Stallone’s lawyer contacted CBS2 Investigates, saying his client has 500 mature trees on the property and that absent adequate watering, they would, in all likelihood, die, and that Stallone is addressing the situation with the city.

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