10 Best Vietnam Movies, Ranked According To IMDb

The Vietnam War is the inspiration behind many excellent Hollywood movies. Almost as soon as the conflict ended, filmmakers began dramatizing this major historical event, bringing it alive on the big screen for 1970s audiences. These films were well-loved because they demonstrated both the horrors and humanity that occurred during the war. RELATED: 10 Best … Read more

“Dead Poets Society,” “Little Women” — The Kenyon Collegian

When walking down Middle Path, the Kenyon student body is increasingly greeted with red leaves hitting the ground at their feet. As the College celebrates time-honored autumnal traditions such as the Community Feast, many people are indulging in re-watches of their favorite fall-themed media. To tide us over while waiting for Kenyon’s annual Halloween Rocky … Read more

How to Watch Turner Classic Movies Live Without Cable

You don’t need a cable subscription to watch Turner Classic Movies (TCM) as a live TV channel. Sling TV, DIRECTV STREAM, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV all offer different channel packages for streaming TCM live. A more affordable option is HBO Max, which has a dedicated section to TCM films, but does not offer … Read more

10 Movies To Watch If You Miss High School

High school is either the greatest time of your life or a time you cannot bear reliving, there’s no in-between. It’s where childhood memories are made, and it’s a rite of passage that can be glorious and glamorous or sad and miserable for everyone, depending on their experiences. Reminiscing the good old days can get … Read more

10 Most Dangerous Characters In A24 Movies

With great horror movies such as men and Bodies Bodies Bodies released this year, A24 continues to offer characters that are as creative as they are engaging. Whether through horror stories or dark comedies, A24 movies have a very distinct atmosphere and each of their films have something brand new to offer. With many chilling … Read more

Top 100 Movies of the 1990’s: #89 Alive

movie store. Shutterstock Images. Box Office: $36.7 million Oscar Nominations: None Oscar Wins: None Available to Stream: Prime Video Movierankings.net: Not ranked Yellowjackets came out last year on Showtime and was a big hit both with fans and critics. It’s a really good show that I’m not sure would exist if it wasn’t for Alive … Read more

James Bond Movies Coming to Prime Video

Prime Video has announced that 25 James Bond movies will be available to stream in the US, UK, and other key territories as part of the 60th anniversary celebration of the legendary film franchise. The streaming service also unveiled the official posters and trailers for the 60th anniversary celebration and for The Sound of 007a … Read more